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Tips For Hooking Up On Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner and you know what that means right? Time for a vacation! If you’re planning on going on a hot fun-filled vacation, here are a few tips for hooking up while you’re away with the rest of the Spring Breakers!

Hooking up on spring break

Things Not To Do If You Want To Hook Up on Spring Break

Here’s a short list of tips that should help you during your hook up attempts while on Spring Break this year.

Don’t Focus on Romance
For starters, you’re on spring break. Don’t you even think about focusing on romance when you’re partying or relaxing during your break, I’ll come out and say that no one wants to be romantic on spring break. They want to hook up and that’s it. So don’t be a romantical idiot.

Don’t Change Plans For Booty
If you’re looking to get lucky during your trip, you must not chase the booty. That means don’t change any of your plans just to get lucky. If you have trips planned with your friends and you want to go snorkel or take a booze cruise then go do it. Don’t change even a single plan just to hook up on spring break because you will look like an easy jackass doing so.

Don’t Expect Life Long Love
Like I said before, no one wants a clingy life partner. They want to have sex. That’s it. So don’t think for a second that you’re going to meet your life partner or the love of your life on your spring break trip to where ever the fuck you’re going. Save it for the stage Drama.

Don’t Get Blackout Drunk

blackout drunk
Do yourself a favor and do not get blackout drunk during your vacation. You’ll forget things. You’ll lose your stuff and you might do something to get yourself arrested or even worse. Plus, no one likes a ridiculously sloppy drunk person. If someone is looking to hook up they will want to do it with someone that has a working unit and that won’t be you if you get to hammered.

Don’t Veer From The Pack
This is an important one, you’ve got to stick together with the crew. What that means is not veering away from the pack. Instead, stick with your crew and stay away from people that insist on you going somewhere alone with them. It’s not worth the risk.

Don’t Raw Dog It
Okay, this one might be the most important one. If you’re on spring break and you’re trying to hook up with someone then I suggest that you do yourself as well as the other person a favor and you use protection. I repeat, do not raw dog it unless you want some nasty reminder of the trip or even worse, an 18-year financial burden and headache.

With all that being said, I’d urge you to spend time trying to hook up during your spring break and using an app that can make it that much easier doing so.

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