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Airbnb A New Hookup Tactic For Travelers?

I love to travel just as much as the next guy. But I’ve never ever thought of the latest technique in that Airbnb globetrotters have been using lately. It’s a tactic that both guests and hosts have recently revealed as being used for dual purposes, one being to hook up.


Airbnb Users Are Getting Laid

According to an article written at Business Insider Australia, Airbnb has recently been used as a go-to platform for getting lucky. Supposedly, this platform is used to hook up in a few specific locations. One man who was hosting a few clients had admitted that he hooked up with a Brazilian woman who was staying with him as an Airbnb customer. Supposedly they had sex every night and I guess it was mind-blowing too!

Another Airbnb user told the Business Insider about her no strings attached hook up when she was staying in England. She said the person she was staying with was an older single gentleman that was nice enough to spend time with her both in and out of the bedroom. She said, “It was unexpected, but fun.”

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Now, I’m all for meeting a local to hook up with, but I’m also a firm believer in allowing the professionals to do what they do best. Instead of just browsing Airbnb in an attempt to find a place to sleep and hook up, I’d suggest you use a casual sex app to bang locals and do some searching in the local area before making travel arrangements. It’s safer and some horny people want to fuck all over the world, regardless of whether you pay to spend the night with them or not.

Now, if you’re traveling to Amsterdam or other areas of the world, you may not need to use either given that you can pay almost anyone to hook up with them. I still suggest using a dating app over Airbnb or other travel sites.

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