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Is it Safe to Pull on My Penis to Make it Longer?

Many men worry about their penis size and think that some DIY methods like pulling could help. It’s a subject that you might feel shy about discussing, but it’s crucial to address. So, is pulling on your penis a safe way to make it longer?

The quick answer is no, it’s not safe to yank on your penis to make it longer.

The skin on your penis is really sensitive and thin. If you pull on it, the skin could rip. This makes it easy for infections and other bad stuff to happen. Some activities like jelqing use hand motions to move blood from the bottom to the top of your penis, but there’s no science to say this works.

Pulling on your penis can also damage the nerves and disrupt blood flow, which may lead to issues like erectile dysfunction.

The Dangers of Pulling on Your Penis to Make it Longer

A lot of guys worry about the size of their penis. You might even hear that tugging on it could make it longer. Let’s cut to the chase: it’s a bad move.

The dangers of pulling your penis far outweigh any mythical benefits you might have heard. We’re talking about risking your health here. So, listen up as we break down why this is something you should avoid.

Why Men Think Pulling Works

The idea that pulling your penis can make it longer has been around for a while. It’s often whispered among buddies or seen in shady online forums. But here’s the deal: there’s no science to back it up.

You might hear about exercises or techniques that promise growth, but don’t fall for it. The medical community strongly advises against it. It’s a waste of time and could lead you to harm yourself.

Nature of the Penis

Your penis isn’t a piece of rubber; it’s a sensitive body part with a complex structure. It has thin skin that’s easy to damage.

When you pull it, you risk tearing this skin. A tear is an open door to infections and other complications. Think about it: do you want to take that gamble?

Risks to Blood Flow and Nerves

Messing around by pulling can have serious consequences. You can damage the nerves and mess up the blood flow in your penis.

When that happens, you’re looking at issues like erectile dysfunction. Let’s be clear: no amount of length is worth a lifetime of sexual health problems.

No Scientific Proof

Some guys might claim to have seen benefits from pulling, but these are just stories. No scientific research shows that pulling your penis makes it longer. Some data even hint that you might end up with a shorter length. It’s not worth the risk.

What Happens If You Pull on Your Penis to Make It Longer?

It’s not a smart move. Far from a harmless quick fix, yanking your manhood could set you up for some serious problems.

Skin Tearing

The skin on your penis is thin and sensitive. Pull too hard, and you might end up with skin tears. These aren’t just small ouchies we’re talking about; they can be downright painful.

Even worse, open tears are open doors for infections to walk right in. It’s the kind of pain and potential infection that could have you regretting your decision big time.

Nerve and Blood Vessel Damage

Your penis has a lot of nerves and blood vessels, but that’s not an invitation to tug at it. Do so, and you could damage them.

Damaged nerves can mean decreased sensation, taking the joy out of what should be pleasurable moments.

Mess up the blood flow, and you’re looking at erectile dysfunction. That’s right; the complete opposite of what you were aiming for could become your reality.


Yanking your penis can make it shorter. Tissue in your penis can stretch out over time. Keep pulling, and it might just stay that way—shorter, not longer.

Best Alternative Methods to Make Your Penis Longer

Here are some safest alternative methods that won’t put your health on the line.

Consult a Doctor for Professional Advice

If you’re concerned about size, consult a healthcare professional. They can provide you with accurate information about whether your size is within the normal range. They may also discuss more effective and safer enlargement options if you still want to proceed.

Consider Surgical Options

If you’re really determined, surgical enlargement is an option but not without risks. Procedures like penile lengthening or implant surgeries are available but should be considered as a last resort and only after thorough consultation with a doctor.

Vacuum Pumps

Vacuum pumps are designed to boost blood flow to your penis. You place your penis in a tube and pump out the air, creating a vacuum. This draws blood into your penis, making it swell.

Usually, you’d place a ring around the base to keep the blood in place, giving you a temporary size boost. It’s often used by guys facing erectile dysfunction to help get an erection.

Stretching Devices

Penile extenders are devices that apply traction to the penis to stimulate tissue growth gradually over time. While some men have reported success, there are also potential risks such as bruising and decreased blood flow.

You have to put on the device for many hours each day. It will take months to maybe see a difference. This way has some support from science but it’s not fast at all. Putting on the device and waiting won’t work. Bruises can happen a lot, and you could also get less blood going to your penis while using it. The last thing you want is to hurt the part you’re trying to make better.


1. Is it safe to pull on my penis to make it longer?

No, pulling on your penis is not a safe method for lengthening. It can result in skin tearing, nerve damage, and even issues like erectile dysfunction.

2. What could happen if I ignore the warnings and pull on my penis?

Ignoring the risks can lead to severe consequences like infections from skin tears, nerve and blood vessel damage, and potentially a decrease in size rather than an increase.

3. Are there any scientifically-backed methods to increase penis size?

Yes, there are some medically approved procedures and devices like penile extenders. However, they should only be used after consultation with a healthcare provider.

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