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WantingSex.co.uk Review: You Might Want To Stay Away!

I’ve pretty much 100% of the time got a mindset for wanting sex. I’ll take it any way that I can get it and however I can make it happen (so long as it’s legal of course). As you know, I’ve spend my fair share of time in Europe and while over there I went to the UK, Ireland, and a few other places. After exposing the largest Ireland escort site, I got a taste of what it felt like to help people out. Now I’m all about exposing shady dating sites, especially the WantingSex site.

That said, below you will find all the information you need to know and understand so that you do not end up getting scammed by this site.

WantingSex Review

My Review Of WantingSex.co.uk

Ok, here goes nothing…

WantingSex.co.uk sounds like it would be a very sexy site and very easy way to find yourself a quick NSA hookup if you’re in the UK. What you probably won’t realize, though, is that this site is one of a group similar sites that is run by a shady parent company. These companies use tactics that are less-than-honest and almost guarantee that you’ll do nothing at all sexy and instead waste your time and money.

I wasn’t sure where to start with regards to why WantingSex.co.uk is nothing but a fraudulent site. Honestly, that’s because there really is nothing redeeming or special about this site. I decided the best way to start explaining why this site’s bad is to pinpoint or expose a tactic that WantingSex uses which is very common among sites that are complete rip-off’s: fake profiles.

Fake Profiles Mentioned In Terms

If you take a moment to look at the terms of use, you’ll see that WantingSex.co.uk uses fictitious, computer-generated profiles. These profiles are all run by employees of the site. These profiles are made to entice you into paying money to chat and to keep you engaged in the site.

They use fake profile photos that they usually steal from other sites and make profile pages for each of these supposed users. WantingSex.co.uk states that you can receive both computer-generated and real messages from these profiles and the information in those messages could be completely false.

No Meeting Anyone That Wants Sex

This isn’t the only deception going on with WantingSex.co.uk. If you read further through the terms, you’ll see that they claim to be a site for entertainment purposes only. They won’t guarantee that you’ll ever talk to anyone, flirt with anyone, or have sex with anyone. They say the site is there to amuse you and allow you to look at attractive people. You’ll never know that you’re dealing with a fake profile. Seriously, their terms say exactly that. I don’t know about you, but I certainly don’t want to take my precious money and throw it at a bot or someone who is using stolen pictures to flirt with me! When I join a site called WantingSex, I’m wanting sex, not fake conversations.

They Own You, Kind Of…

Finally, if you think anything you do on WantingSex.co.uk is safe, please know that it isn’t. Once you create a profile, the parent company owns it, which you agree to just by signing up. They can see everything you do, everything you say, and they have access to all your private information. They can use this for whatever they see fit, including for business purposes, advertising, and changing your profile information. Oh, and they can do so without any prior notice. There is absolutely no privacy on WantingSex.co.uk, which I find highly disturbing.

Messages Cost You Time And Money

Instead of charging a monthly fee, WantingSex.co.uk charges by the number of messages you’d like to send. The current price breakdown is as follows:

  • £99 for 7 messages
  • £99 for 20 messages
  • £99 for 45 messages
  • £99 for 90 messages

Imagine the amount of money you’re going to waste by talking to fakes and bots! I can think of so many other things I could waste my money on, couldn’t you?

Look, I know all dating sites charge something for their services, after all, they are a business and want to make money. If they are 100% free, then I typically avoid them. I don’t have any problems with that as long as they are doing things on the up-and-up.

But sites like WantingSex.co.uk do nothing but take the money of lonely men under the guise of a real dating site. If I were you, I would completely avoid WantingSex and any of the sites that their parent company runs and instead find yourself a safe, fun, real dating site for your sexual needs.

Conclusion: Do Not Join This WantingSex Website

I guess the bottom line is that this network sucks big time. Unless you’re planning on sitting at home and jerking off to fake dating profiles, then you’re out of luck here. Join a site that works and one that can actually make things happen. Start over on the Sexdatingapps.com homepage and find one that actually works.

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