I’d be willing to guess that the owners of Wealthmatch.com are pretty damn wealthy. No, it’s not because they inherited it, but more so because people have paid for memberships. WealthyMatch.com is an online dating platform that is supposed to be a place for wealthy men to find beautiful, classy women and vice versa. The site looks good with some decent features and even seems to function well, but “seems” is the operative word here.

It’s all glitz and glam, but no substance. If you want proof, all you have to do is check out their terms section. This will give you plenty of motivation to stay away. The market is flooded with dating sites that utilize technology and incorporate fake users into their network. Most of them try to take your money and this one falls into that category. There are few people that would fall for a scam like this because common sense would tell you that it is not a legit site from the beginning.

Before you go spending all your money acting like a wealthy guy, read my review. I’m getting personal here and telling you what I learned about this site. I’m sure you will realize it is not worth the time or money that it takes to use it.

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I Joined Wealthymatch.com And This Is What I Discovered

I have a fundamental problem with WealthyMatch.com and all dating sites like it. If you are a man who is wealthy, would you really look for love on a dating website that brags about being free to join? Also, if you are a gorgeous woman looking for a man with a lot of money, are you going to look for them on a dating site? I have never known a sugar daddy site like this to actually works better than my top ranking adult sites. This one was no different. Even though Wealthymatch has an app, I’d rather use one that doesn’t and that actually works instead.

The biggest indication that this site was bad came when I read their TOS. This is where I found the dreaded term “Love Stars.” This is a term that is notorious in the online dating world. It simply means fake profiles, nothing more. I have lost count of how many fraudulent sites I have found that use this term. It is outlined in their fine print that this is the name they give to fake profiles that the company creates for entertainment purposes and to promote activity on the site. This is not only an excuse to fill the site with fake profiles, it is also a common term that shows that this site is part of a network of dating sites that are all fake.


I have grown so tired of wealthy dating websites aka “sugar daddies” sites that insult your intelligence. Especially sites like WealthyMatch.com that treat you like you have never been to a site before and you don’t know what to watch out for. Luckily, I do. I was suspicious because of the premise alone, so I researched the site thoroughly before proceeding. Finding that they use the term Love Stars was enough to prove to me that it was a waste of time. However, I continued reading so I could learn more about it. One thing you’ll want to understand too, they repurpose all the pictures and information that you upload.

I hate sites that do this type of thing! Once you sign up and agree to their terms, your info is scattered to other sites on their network and used as Love Stars to fool others. All this plus computer-automated messages that try to trick you into paying the monthly membership fees. I had seen more than enough and did not waste another minute on the site.


Some of the features on WealthyMatch.com that would be great if it was a legit site are things like daily matchmaker e-mails. These are messages sent to you daily that outline all your most compatible matches on the site. They also have social plug-ins and mobile apps. The search is pretty advanced, but you can’t really trust the results. All the features are basically just a front for a site that is filled with Love Star profiles trying to convince you that they are real, so you will pay more money.

The Cost

I was surprised that a site like this would have a 3-day trial membership that costs only $2.97. After the 3 days, it automatically renews for $39.95 a month. The standard monthly membership price is $29.95 a month. You can save money by purchasing 3 months for $74.85 or 6 months for $119.70.

Conclusion: Wealthymatch.com Doesn’t Even Compare To Effective Dating Sites Out There

The bottom line is there is really no reason to join WealthyMatch.com. My tolerance for Love Stars and Online Cupids has run out. They want your money and nothing more. There are features that make it attractive, but for what? To chat with hired help? Fuck that!. The fact that they use Love Stars alone is proof that they are not a good dating site. Always read the fine print and use common sense and you can avoid wasting money on sites like this and look for sites that are upfront about what they offer and get real results.

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