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Open Minded Homepage

Open Minded Review: Brandon Wade’s Latest Dating Website

This review covers a website called Open Minded. If you’re not what one would consider “open-minded,” then there’s a good chance that you shouldn’t even be ready this review. At any rate, if you’re still here then great. I’ve got a lot to share with you!

Have you ever taken a peek, or may be joined, the infamous dating sites, SeekingArrangement.com or WhatsYourPrice.com? Both seek to hook up two people who are interested in sex with some benefits and naturally they’ve both gotten some slack for it.

Well, the brainchild behind those two sites, Brandon Wade, created another dating site for those that are sort of on the fringes of what most people consider “normal” in the world of relationships and sex.

Open Minded Homepage

What Is Open Minded Dating?

Openminded.com is a dating site for those that enjoy having a more open relationship, maybe you’re a couple looking to spice things up in the bedroom, or you and your partner are in agreeance that opening the relationship is something you both want to explore.

If you fall into either of these categories, or you’re just looking to find someone that is more open in their thinking, you may be tempted to give Openminded.com a try. If so, keep reading to learn more about this site for alternative dating.

Joining The Site

Joining Openminded.com is pretty easy and takes less than 5 minutes of your time. Oh, and bonus, it’s completely free to join. Once you enter a few basics, such as your email address, a username, and password, you’re ready to create a profile.

The first thing that Open Minded will ask you for once your email address is verified is to upload a picture. Now, you don’t have to do it right away, if you just want to poke around a bit, but you really should consider putting up something that shows you and it’s clear. Think about it, would you contact someone on a dating site when they don’t have a picture?

The great thing about Openminded.com is they review all pictures that are uploaded and once you have one picture approved, you’re able to use more of the benefits that the site offers its members.

Creating Your Profile

Because of the nature of Open Minded, profiles are pretty basic. You don’t need to put your entire autobiography down, instead, all you’ll need to do is make sure you include important aspects about yourself such as what you’re looking for, your age, and your location.

Each member of the network will also be asked to fill out something called Matching Questions. These are optional questions designed to help each member match up with other members and show more about their personality than most people will put down in a profile by themselves. If you don’t want to answer them, you don’t have to, but why not?

If you’re someone that is using this on the sly, such as you don’t want your partner to know, you can also put your pictures into a private photo album, only viewable by the people you allow to see it, which is a great safety feature for those playing without the permission of a partner.

Matching on Openminded.com

Matching Questions on this site usually pop up every once in a while and are designed to prompt you into thinking a bit about yourself and also to help show others what you’re about. These aren’t boring questions, either. These are questions on how you view certain scenarios and a little background on your experiences in the polyamory lifestyle.

Writing profiles gets monotonous, and often we just hurry through them to get to bigger and better things. But, if other members don’t know what you’re about, the chances are that they’re not going to contact you.

While you don’t have to answer these matching questions, I would recommend you give them a-go. They’re interesting, thought-provoking, kind of fun, and increase your chances of finding the perfect match on Openminded.com.

The Features

Once you have an approved picture on the site, you’re able to send and receive messages for free and there are no limits on the number of messages you may send.

Some other features available to all free members include:

  • Use of search features
  • View profiles and public pictures
  • Upload up to 4 pictures
  • Add users to your ‘Favorite’ list

If you want to increase your chances of matching up with a partner, or two, you can upgrade your membership to an Openminded.com Premium Membership. The current pricing for this upgrade is $19.95 a month and you will get the following benefits:

  • Ability to see if other members read your sent message(s)
  • See who favorited you
  • Browse Anonymously
  • See who visited your profile
  • Unlimited message history
  • Upload up to 16 pictures
  • Request access to other users’ private photos
  • Have your profile bumped up to ‘Featured’ status

Between the affordability and the bonus features that premium members receive, it’s easy to see why the upgraded membership on Openminded.com is a pretty good deal in the world of what I’d consider being effective hookup sites. And, if you don’t spring for the paid membership, you still get some amazing benefits, which is rare on a dating site.

FAQ’s about the site

I’ve joined Openminded.com, but it wasn’t for me. How do I cancel?

If you’re not too enthused with Openminded.com, it’s very easy to cancel your membership. Just go to the account settings and it will prompt you right through what you need to do.

Can I get a refund on time I didn’t use on Openminded.com?

Sorry, bud, but if you don’t use it, you lose it.

Why did my picture get rejected?

Openminded.com may be about living a polyamorous lifestyle, but it isn’t about being vulgar. If you tried to upload a profile picture that was obscene, was a collage, has other people in it, or contains identifying information, the picture approval committee isn’t going to let it through.

How do I show other members my private photos?

If you’ve got another member on Openminded.com that you’re interested in and you want to show them your private album, just go to their profile and click the link that says “Grant Private Photos” and they’ll be able to see them instantly.

I think I’m talking to a fake profile. Can I report them?

If you think someone is trying to scam you, you can report that profile easily. Go to that person’s profile and click the link that says ‘Report’ and Openminded.com will deal with them accordingly.

Final Thoughts Open Minded

Open Minded is a simple dating site that caters to those that like to play with more than one partner. They offer their free members a good variety of site benefits and their paid members get even more for a fairly decent price. Ease of use and simple website design make Openminded.com a nice option in the adult dating world.

If you’re looking for a site that will help you to connect with those that are into having an open relationship, this one might just fit the bill.

Now, since the site doesn’t appeal to everyone (especially those who are using the fuckbook app or something more explicit), you might want to know the other options that are out there.

I guess when it comes down to this, the Openminded.com website trumps the dealing with P411 members and other escort site users. However, it’s not going to be more effective than the number one site that I’m using today. Sorry, but that’s just the way things are and I tell it like it is.

At the end of the day, the good news is that you’ve got PLENTY of options. Now it’s your responsibility to take action on those things! #BOOM

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