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Kikpals.com Review: Kik Sexting or a Total Bust?

I hate to sound like a broken record here, but I’ve got to cover yet another Kik sexting site. This site is known as KikPals and it’s a site that claims to be the best way to find people using Kik to chat with. It’s obvious that the main objective here would be to connect with some dirty Kik users in your local area. The idea would be to chat with them first, eventually meet up, and then bang.

The golden question is whether or not KikPals works?

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most of these username aggregators are complete hogwash. They don’t offer anything aside from giving you the runaround and perhaps putting you in touch with the wrong type of person.

One other thing you need to know before I get into things here is that Kik Interactive technologies is the official company behind the social platform. They are 100% NOT associated with Kikpals in any way at all.

If I had to give you a rundown of this site in a 30-second elevator pitch, I’d say that it’s 100% a waste of time and may even cause problems for you. Find out what Kik Pals isn’t the go-to sexting aggregator that they claim to be.

Kikpals review
Screenshot of Kikpals.com

Details Of KikPals And What It’s Really About

Before I get into the details of this site, I want you to know that I’ve been investigating these Kik sexting username aggregator sites for a long time. Other sites that I’ve checked out are Kikhorny.com, Kikfriender.com, and a few others. Feel free to check out those reviews after reading this one.

Now, to get to the things that you need to know about Kik Pals, I’ll go ahead and lay them out below.

Why would you join?

The only reason anyone would join this site is to connect with other Kik users. For the most part, you’re likely a guy looking to identify usernames of females to eventually meet for sex.

But don’t do it!

When you land on the homepage of the site, they promise the world to you in a way. They basically state that they can connect you with kik girls, gay kik users and even lesbians using the social platform.

The problem is that none of that actually happens when you use the site. Instead, they hit you with fake users and even some shady ads that likely fool even the most computer-savvy user.

Here’s How:

When you click on the “All Users” link in the header of the site, they quickly redirect you to another page showcasing a bunch of users. However, that’s not all they do. You’ll find that another window pops up when you first do it. It’s the typical advertisement telling you that a computer infection is present with some bad virus and that it needs removing or something like that. This type of scam is a registry scan, I guess. Bottom line is that it’s a complete scam. Just close that window immediately before anything else happens to your computer.

Now, if you make it to the kik usernames page, you’ll find something that looks similar to the screenshot below. What you need to know is that the girls on this site and in these so-called kik pal profiles are not legit at all. In fact, I found one of the girls profiles all over the Internet.

Kikpals Usernames Page

Now, is it possible that some of these are real Kik users on this site? Absolutely. Anything is possible but based on my experience, it’s not worth using.

Let me get deeper into the sexting kik usernames. I’ve provided a sample profile below which shows one of the female profiles on Kikpals.com. Looking at the page, you can’t help but notice that it’s peppered with tons of banner ads. There’s text at the bottom of the page that reads, “How to make women WANT you” and that’s something completely outside of the site. It’s some crappy ebook filled with a bunch of information that you can find for free on my blog. I’d also like to add that if you think you’re going to have some booty call online by connecting with girls in these profiles, you’re absolutely nuts.

Kik Pals Profile page

What About The Terms?

If you take a close look at the terms and conditions of joining this site. When you register, you’re giving Kikpals.com your Kik user information. Additionally, you’ll see where they mention that Kik is a trademark which Kik Interactive Inc owns. Funny, how are they able to have this site without getting in trouble with the company? Most people protect their trademarks and don’t allow these types of sites to form.

One other thing that Kik Pals admits to in their terms (section 8) is that they make money off of other affiliated websites. When any user takes action on the site, they make coin. Sure, the site claims to be a fantastic username aggregator and it very well might be one but it’s not great and the motive is not just to help you out. This is nothing but a marketing attempt to get users to sign up for other services.

Kik Pals Terms of Service

Verdict On The Sexting

If you’re looking to send sext messages to Kik users, then my advice is to not attempt to do so with any of these users on the site. The reason I say that is due to the fact that you really don’t know the status of these users. it’s possible that the users are undercover agents or even worse, someone, that might not be of legal age to send a sext message. That’s the biggest problem with using these free social platforms. The users may not be of age and they most definitely are not “verified” users. That’s the main problem with these things and it can really cause huge problems.

Conclusion: Kik Pals Is Not The Answer

If you want to send sext messages to girls on social media platforms like Kik, don’t rely on Kikpals.com. This is one of many sites that just don’t deliver. In my personal opinion, you put yourself at risk using these sites. Given that the users aren’t verified, it’s a risky chance to take. You’re far better off using a site that’s a well-established private dating network, like those listed on this main page. They work FAR BETTER than this site. Sure, you have to pay for some of them but it’s a better experience with fewer headaches and tire kickers.

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