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KikFriender Review: The Kik Usernames Site Exposed For It’s Wrong Doing!

I recently went on a tear trying to hook up with as many girls as possible. In doing so, I came across a website called KikFriender. Now, you know that I’m a firm believer of using many mobile apps that exist out there today. There’s one app that I’ve done an extensive amount of research on and it’s called Kik. If you’ve never heard of it, then you might be one of the few people out there that don’t know what it is.

Anyway, in one of my recent searches, I was able to discover an online tool that claims to help improve the dating effectiveness of using the Kik app. This site literally claims to be able to connect you to more kik users looking to hook up. However, I want you to hang tight and read this before you even visit the Kik Friender website. If you are the type that likes to chat with people online and send nudes, then this update might be of interest to you. Read it before taking any action on Kik.

Kikfriender Review

My Personal Report On KikFriender For Chatting With Local Girls

There’s a lot for me to cover here today, so I’ll try and be quick about it. Frankly, I’d rather you spend time using one of the sex date apps that I’ve suggested to increase your chances of getting laid versus reading my reviews. That said, I’ve got to share some important details with you about this website.

I’ll be covering all the following topics today:

  • Fake Kik Users
  • Duplicate Pics
  • Lots of Spam
  • Redirects Galore
  • Tech Info

So, without wasting another second of your time let’s get down to business here.

Are There, Fake Users?

Okay, so after using the KikFriender website for a short period of time, I was able to determine that there are fake users on the site. What I mean by that is it seems like the site has published fake usernames of Kik members that are non-existent. Take a close look at the Kik profiles displayed on this site and you’ll quickly get pulled in like a tractor beam.

There are TONS of really hot girls displayed on the site and I’m talking smoking hot. The problem is that most of these kik girls aren’t dirty women looking to get laid. In fact, they aren’t even real. If you think they are then you’re absolutely nuts! They do this knowing that they’ll have a better chance of obtaining your CC info if they do. Afterall, that’s their ultimate objective.

Duplicate Pics

Don’t be surprised if you see familiar photos on Kikfriender. That’s because this site most likely rips photos from other sites in order to post them. My guess is that they get these photos from social forums and other websites including amateur sex sites. They do this all for sheer marketing purposes and nothing more.

Tons of Spam So Be Ready

If you’re wondering if this site spams users, I’ll tell you right now they most definitely do. Joining Kikfriender opens up pandora’s box, giving the site operators the ability to spam you all day long with new users. This is just the beginning of the shady tactics in place here. The site has the ability to create millions of fake profiles and contact you about them. Heck, they can even make it seem like girls are hitting you up to chat when it’s complete B.S. and that’s a fact!

That's a fact jack!

They Redirect You

If you take a close look at some of the chat messages that you receive on this Kik site and app, you’ll notice the use of Bit.ly urls. They use these in order to send you to another website. What they do is entice you to chat with fake girls, visit a URL and they redirect you to another app of their choice. Sometimes it’s just another dating website that they send you to. When that happens, they end up asking for your credit card information and they ultimately win!

Tech Aspects Of The Site

The Kikfriender website is currently hosted at IP and is on gina.ns.cloudflare.com and rick.ns.cloudflare.com servers. Chances are you will not find much info on the site aside from what I’ve provided.

Conclusion: Avoid The KikFriender Site Because It’s Terrible

If you’re interested in meeting and having sex with girls then Kik may not be the best way to go. My advice would be to not waste a single minute using Kikfriender.com as it’s filled with a bunch of garbage profiles that easily amount to nothing. Now, if you’re looking to use something that is actually effective, then my suggestion is to check all these apps out on this page here.

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