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Kikdirty.com – Why The Dirty Kik Forum Sucks

I have been testing lots of Kik dating sites over the last few months. Some have been effective and others have been awful. I’m here to say that the dirty kik forum isn’t what you think. But before getting into the results, I must cover the basics.

We’ve all thought about joining a dirty kik site at some point. It’s a natural extension of the app, and it was only a matter of time before it started getting used as a way for people to get naked with each other. The problem is that this one just sucks. It’s not a real site any way, and you’re just going to end up having your time wasted with ads that you don’t care about.

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Reasons This Dirty Kik Forum Is Awful – Avoid Kikdirty.com

Wasting no time at all, you’ll find out exactly why Kikdirty.com is the worst ever. Here’s what you need to know about the website before using it and joining the Kik site.

The first thing that’s going to strike you about this so-called “sexting forum” is the fact that there are popups all over the damn place. Every single click you make is a roulette game. Will this one send me to a new window? How bad will it be? Will this be the one to finally crash my browser? It’s not fun when you have to spend most of your time trying to close heavy ads before they set you back to square one.

Every other page is just filled with banners for expensive porn. That’s not why you’re here. The whole point of a dirty kik is to get hot pics from real people, not get stuck with plastic porn stars that have never had a real orgasm in their life.

Most telling is the text that’s right at the top of the page when you log in. It has nothing to do with “Kik Interactive Inc.” “Snap Inc.” or “Skype Inc.” at all. They get sponsored and they certainly don’t get endorsed by them. That tells you everything that you need to know. If they’re not getting any help from the apps that they use, then how could they utilize them properly? That’s why there’s so much spam on the site. They need that to make all the money that they’re missing out on with sponsorships. They’re essentially just using the names to trick you into visiting other sites. That’s why they exist in the first place.

The site is also totally unmonitored. There are no mods and no one getting banned under any circumstance. That’s because no one is actually using it. When you go to the member’s section and look at how many people are online, it’s always “0.” It’s just a front.

You can further prove this to yourself by doing a reverse image search. No matter which one you pick, you’re going to see it on a ton of other sites. That’s because it’s been stolen, and posted on dirty Kik to make you believe there are real humans using it. There aren’t.

Moreover, ages are never verified. That’s a big red flag. If you’re going to have a site that lets people post nude images, you’d better believe that those people are going to get age verified. If even a single person under the age of 18 were to post something, it would be a hell storm of litigation for the owners.
Everything here just comes together as fake. There’s no reason for anyone to come to this site and attempt to use it. Not a single reason at all, really. While I’m at it, I’ll make it a point to mention other horrible Kik sites. You’ll also want to stay away from Kikfriender.com and Kikpals.com.

Assuming you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to socially connecting with horny singles, then head back to the main page and start there. You’ll find that there are lots of people using the networks that I use, they are all laid out on the homepage. Head over that way and check them out.

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