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Kik Sexting: Four Sites You Must Always Avoid!

I’ve been around the block numerous times and just by hearing that you should know that I’m a Kik sexting guru. While you might like the sound of that, it kind of makes me want to cringe. Reason being, there’s typically no good that comes out of any sexting being done on any Kik related website.


Having spent countless hours testing dozens of copycat sites, aggregators, and even the original Kik app itself, I’m here today to share my findings.

Here’s the truth to the matter at hand…

If you’re not spending time using the right websites, then you’re putting yourself at risk for one and you’re also possibly losing out on some of the most optimal chances of hooking up with someone.

Now, that being said, I’ve decided to showcase all the Kik style sites and apps that I’ve used and why you need to avoid each and every single one of them.

kik sexting sites reviewed

Kik Sexting Sites You Should NOT Be Using

Okay, so here’s a rundown of all the sites related to sexting on Kik in one way or another and why I suggest you simply avoid them. I’m not wasting any time here – just getting right down to business!

Kikpals.com – This is perhaps the worst of all the Kik sites out there. It’s an aggregator much like the Snapchat username aggregators but this one is filled with redirects and unverified profiles. They run shady ads on this site as well. You’ve been warned. Read my review here. I know, don’t get pissed and shoot the messenger, the site sucks what do you want me to tell you?

KikDirty.com – The Kik Dirty site is terrible because it does nothing to actually connect you with people. Instead, they spend all their time shoving porn and stolen photos down your throat. The forum is not monitored and therefore it’s not to be trusted for sure. I can guarantee that you will not meet anyone to have sex with on this website.

KikHorny.com – Yet another Kik aggregator that makes claims of being the best resource for all things related to Kik usernames. It’s literally the fakest and scammy site I’ve ever come across in my entire life. They do fake matching, have fake names, and even worse, they have awful features you’ll never bother using. I actually got burned while trying to test this site. It was an awful idea and one that I regret to this day. I’ve written a full review of the kikhorny.com site.

KikFriender.com – This aggregator tries to pose as a site that offers nothing but the ability to search for people using the Kik app. Trust me, there are no friends to be found on this website. All you’ll find are fake usernames, stolen pics (duplicates at that), tons of redirects, a lot of spam messaging and more. When I used this site, I actually think I got a virus on my computer from doing so. I could be wrong though it’s tough to say really.

Well, if that doesn’t prove to you that all these hookup tools associated with Kik are a waste of time (as are those associated with the HookupGuru), then you’re out of luck! Apparently, there’s nothing I’m going to be able to get through to you with. If you’re smart, you’ll use the sites listed on my homepage and call it a day.

Oh, here’s a little treat for you and much better than Kik. If you’re looking to connect with girls willing to take their clothes off on social media, then check out my article featuring the hottest pornstars on Snapchat. They’ll get naked for you for the right price.

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