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JDate Review: Will This Jewish Dating Site Get You Laid?

Jdate.com is supposed to be a site that matches Jewish singles. It sells itself as a site where Jewish people can find each other and form a relationship. It seemed legitimate in its approach and the site had a nice layout and looked like it might be the real deal. While I’m not Jewish, I’m still willing to give anything a try once. I looked into JDate to see if it was actually a legit dating website. Looks can often be deceiving so I wanted to see if the site could back up the claims it makes. Check out my review below and I’ll tell you why JDate.com is just another scam.

This dating site works better

jdate review

JDate Reviews and My Personal Dating Story

It says right at the bottom that JDate.com is part of the Sparks Network. That threw up a red flag right there. Spark also owns sites like BlackSingles.com and ChristianMingle.com. I have personally tested out these sites before and they were both scams. Other Jdate reviews I read echoed the same thing, so I wasn’t expecting a lot from this site.

I soon realized that JDate employs the exact same scamming practices proving that it’s one big network of scamming sites and there are probably more. All they did was gear the theme of the site toward the Jewish community. The rest of it might as well be the same site. All these sites likely use the same profiles and they will use yours as well if you sign up.

Most of the scamming practices on JDate are outlined in their terms of service. Scam sites often admit to their deceit so they won’t get in trouble for it later. They just count on naive men who don’t read the fine print to sign in and fall for their tricks. They let you know in writing that they have the right to reuse all your information, including your pictures, once you sign in and create a profile. This is likely used on their other sites so they can appear to have a large database of users.

Same Old Fake Messaging at JDate

Another scamming practice that is admitted to in the terms of service is the use of computer automated messages. They engineer the responses to string you along and get you to pay for a membership which is automatically charged every month. I started receiving messages and chat requests before I even put that much detail in my profile. It wasn’t good luck because every one of them were fake. Of course, I had to pay for a membership to find out. All those girls that were so eager to chat had disappeared. The messages got fewer and farther between and became vaguer. I suspect that this was a strategy to draw out my use of the site until they charged another month. I didn’t let them.

Phone Calls With Jewish Girls

If I would have made it to a phone conversation, I would have been in trouble because I’m not really Jewish. I suspected that this site was a fraud from the beginning so I wanted to test it out for myself to make sure and write a review so no one else would fall into their trap.

JDate.com Is Priced High And It Rebills

JDate.com has a professional look and charges a high price hoping to catch the attention of high-end users. The standard monthly charge is $39.99 and you are charged a $3.99 one-time fee when you first sign up. You can save by purchasing a 3-month membership for $89.97, but the best deal is $119.94 for a 6-month membership. Their premium membership is $131.94 for 6 months, but the scam is so obvious, I am not about to pay that price to find out how much more I get.

Meeting Jewish Chicks In Hopes Of Banging

JDate.com done nothing but try to deceive me the entire time I was on the site, so I never actually got close to meeting anyone in person. Sites like this and the others on their scam network are not engineered to join people with their ultimate matches. They are engineered to take your money and nothing more.

Conclusion: JDate Didn’t Get Me Laid And I’ll Never Suggest It To Anyone

It’s a nice idea to have a sleek, professional looking dating site that is geared toward Jewish singles, but it was an idea that was motivated by money and nothing more. Sparks Networks is a company that spreads itself out as much as possible to snag as many people as they can in their net. If you are wise, you won’t let it happen. They are only using the Jewish dating angle to get you to pay for their service, but they never intend on connecting you with a date.

Okay if Jdate.com isn’t worth joining, are there any sites that I can count on to get a little bit of action from a Jewish girl?

I thought you’d never ask! There are plenty of sex dating apps and mobile sites that I use that aren’t necessarily geared towards hooking up with Jewish girls but I can promise you that the sites I use have plenty of Jewish girls that are looking to hook up with Jewish guys. Like I said, I’m not Jewish. However, I’m not opposed to hooking up with a Jewish girl. I’ve fucked plenty of them in my day! To those that like having one night stand with Jewish girl girls, I say mazel tov! Join a site below and have some real fun! Actually, before you join any sites, make sure you read about this site. It’s one that I’m suing a ton to get laid these days!

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