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instafuckfriend questions reg- form 2

Instafuckfriend Review: An Instahookup Opportunity or Instascam Today?

This is my official Instafuckfriend review, where I break down what I learned while being a member for more than 45 days. If you’re the type of person who uses hookup sites, then this is a must-read. To summarize up front, this site is nothing but trouble and a waste of time for you and your wallet. I cannot recommend using this site at all. Keep reading for the full details and reasons why I hate this website.

Lots of websites are showing up all over the Internet these days and they’re often attempting to mimic the Instagram platform. This holds especially true for hookup sites. Take for example the Instafuckfriend website. The unfortunate part about all of this is that these sites are not all trustworthy and legit. In fact, many of the instahookup style sites are nothing but marketing sites with redirects, fake girls, and overpriced memberships. Other than this insta site here. Which is exactly why you need to avoid using this website at all costs.

See, the thing is that Instfuckfriend is NOT your friend and you won’t find any friends using this site. I’m covering everything you need to know about the site right here. Just keep reading below to learn all about it.

instafuckfriend homepage

I Share My Review and User Opinion Of Instafuckfriend

I’ve basically uncovered everything that’s wrong with the Instafuckfriend.com website. Trust me, there’s a lot wrong with this. In fact, so much that I’ll come right out and suggest that you not even attempt to visit the site. However, if you do, here’s what you can expect to come across…

The Topless Girls

The first thing that you’re going to notice is that all the girls displayed on the homepage are topless. They are also extremely sexy, but what you need to know is that they are not really associated with this site.

If anything, the photos of the women are stolen pics, nothing more than that. You may find a smoke show on the site, but she’s not using it.

Fake Active Member Count

If you take a closer look down the page, you’ll notice that there’s text that states that there are 1,437,975 active members on Instafuckfriend.

This number is nowhere near accurate. In fact, if I had to take a wild guess, I’d say that not even 10% of that number of people actually use this website.

There Is No Need To Request Access

The website showcases a button that reads, “Request Access” and that means one thing, that they want to trick you into thinking that you need to request to become a member of Instafuckfriend. It’s simply a marketing ploy, nothing more.

Fake Testimonials

The so-called “Fuck Buddy Testimonials” are not real at all. I did a reverse image search and learned that the images are used on a bunch of websites.

Don’t Believe The Hype

When you scroll toward the bottom of the site, you’ll eventually come across a section that reads “Why others choose Instafuckfriend” and you need to know that it’s 100%, not true based on my research.

  • They claim that profiles are verified – That’s not true.
  • They claim that your info is private – That’s not true.
  • They claim that you’re protected from spam – That’s not true.

Then you’ll find this big pink button that reads, “Find a girl to hook up with” which only leads to trouble. By trouble, I’m referring to a questionnaire form.

instafuckfriend questions reg- form 2

When you click that link, you end up eventually on another page, which will then lead you to more pages where you have to answer questions.

The questions mean nothing at all and the answers you provide are bogus. they don’t care what you answer with at all. In fact, all they want is your email address.

instafuckfriend questions reg form 3

Once they have your email address, they’ve got you. That’s because they’re now able to market a ton of dating sites to you. Not to mention, it’s the first enrollment step in joining the network.

Another Registration Form

shady reg form 2

You’ll eventually find yourself going through another registration form. This is a form that Instafuckfriend doesn’t own. It’s for another website.

The registration form is for a website that has Love Stars within the member’s area. these are literally fake users that they’ve created.

The site that you’ll be joining is not Instafuckfriend but Localhookup. They will 100% hit your card more than $100 in monthly recurring charges and all for nothing. Why? Because you can’t actually meet these people (the love stars) that you’ll be communicating with.

free credit card form scam

Instafuckfriend Review Conclusion Is That It Is Horrible

There’s no doubt about it. The Insta Fuck Friend website is without a doubt the biggest scam I’ve seen in a long time. An even bigger scam than Instasext.com. I guarantee you will not get laid using this site. It’s 100% a scam and not worth your time. If you want to get laid, then the only thing to do is to join one of the sites listed below. They work better than all other sites on the Internet. Trust me, just give one of them a shot.

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