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InstaSext.com Scam Revealed: Fake Profiles That Just Don’t Work

I didn’t need to investigate deeply to determine that InstaSext.com was not a legit site. It’s pretty obvious once you know what to look for. I wanted to see how much evidence I could find and I’m going to share exactly what I discovered. I knew that this Instagram inspired hookup site was a fraud because I have visited many sites with the exact same look and layout and every one of those sites were complete crap.

All of them claim to be 100% and they are far from it, especially this one. Here’s my review of the site and everything you need to know about it. But first, I want you to understand that this is NOT THE SAME site as Instabang.com. They’re owned by completely different companies.

instasext.com scam review

Instasext Scam Exposed For All It’s Not Worth!

Not all fake sites come with a bunch of hidden charges, but this is one of them that does. That makes it one of the worst types of hookup sites you can find. Check out my full review below and you will find evidence that pointed to this being a total waste of money. There is no possibility of hooking you up with anyone when joining. I’ll explain more.

Same Look, Same Shady Tactics

It feels like I’ve been through this process a million times. It looks like the same site as SwipeHookup.com, SwipeAffair.com, SwipeCheaters.com and a whole lot of other sites. That’s because they are basically the same, using different names to get people to use it and spend money on it. If you notice, many of the sites on this network try to take advantage of the popularity of social media.

They name their sites something that is similar to popular social media sites and apps. This is clearly just a gimmick and all the effort put into these sites is for the sole purpose of deceiving you and taking your money without offering the dating and hookup opportunities they claim to offer.

Signup Procedure

I am familiar with the sign-in process, even though I’ve never been to this site before. It’s ridiculous how similar all these sites are. I even knew that more evidence of a fraud was going to be on step 8 of the registration process. This is where you choose a display name, password, and enter your e-mail address.

The Love Star Issue

Just above where you click to go to the next step, you must agree to their terms that include Love Stars. This is a common term that is used on fraudulent sites to describe the fictitious profiles that they create. They indicate in their terms and conditions that these Love Stars may contact you by e-mail, instant message, and SMS for purposes of encouraging further participation on the site.

There is no need for them to create these profiles and send these fake messages and a legit site would not do this.The presence of Love Stars is a major warning sign of a fraud, but an even more obvious sign came when I tried to complete the registration process.

There is no need for them to create these profiles and send these fake messages and a legit site would not do this.The presence of Love Stars is a major warning sign of a fraud, but an even more obvious sign came when I tried to complete the registration process.


I was asked to upgrade to a free lifetime membership on Instasext and they required my financial information to verify my age. The funny thing is that the site address in the browser was not the site I was on. It said FingerBangMyAnal.com, which is a porn site. Their most horrible scamming practices are outlined on the right side of the page in fine print. It says that you are upgrading to a VIP membership which includes a 2-day trial for the site which renews at $49.95.

It also says that you are signing up for a 2-day trial of mobile access for $1.95, which renews at $39.51. If that’s not enough, you are signed up for a 3-week trial to VideoErotic.com, which renews at $28.87. All these charges will come out of your account without warning. That’s over$100 worth of charges on one page that says that they will not charge you a thing.

Have you had enough yet? Well, there’s one more thing. There Is a membership charge. It costs $29.95 a month and the only way to get it cheaper is to pay for 3 months at $74.85 or 6 months for $119.70. $2.97 will buy you a 3-day trial membership, but it will renew at the higher monthly price of $39.95. They say it’s free, but they charge over $100 in hidden charges when you try to verify your age. Then they end up charging you for a membership anyway.


I do not recommend using the Instasext site or any of the sites on its network. Any site that incorporates the use of Love Stars or other fake users is a complete waste of time. Having used those with fake profiles and those that don’t create any fake profiles, I can say that avoiding fakes is your best best.


Ryan Malone is a serial dater who enjoys casual flings. He created this website for all the cocksman out there looking for the best ways to find casual encounters in all the weirdest places. You can follow him on Twitter and sometimes find him posting videos with opinions on dating sites on YouTube.

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