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Local Hookup Consumer Review Proves They Scam People…

Local Hookup actually has one of the better names for the best hookup sites. That is probably why it became so popular, but it has now become popular for the wrong reasons. All the people that flocked to sign in to this site at first are now taking to the internet to let everyone know what a scam in is.

Today, I will be doing the same thing. I gave this site a chance and it did nothing but insult my intelligence. Read my Local Hookup review below and I’ll tell you what to expect. I’ll warn you that you’re probably going to be somewhat displeased.

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local hookup review

My Consumer Review Will Reveal How Local Hookup Is A Scam

I braved the joining process despite all the consumer warnings to stay away from Local Hookup. I figured; how bad could it be? The answer is, pretty fucking bad. The first thing I noticed was that they were bragging about being free to join and free to hook up.

Yes, it is free to join, but there is no hope of hooking up with anyone for free. Any time you try to interact with anyone on the site or check out any content, you are taken directly to a payment page where they prompt you to upgrade your membership.

Even if you pay for a membership, you’re not going to get very far. you’ll just get more scamming practices thrown at you. If they put this much time into really hooking people up, you would be able to bang someone the moment you sign in.

It was obvious that I wasn’t getting anywhere without paying so I got a membership. No one was interested in hooking up with me anymore. Not the original ones that were messaging me anyway.

All those girls ignored me and I got a whole new batch of messages and many of them sounded similar to the next batch. I checked out the profiles of the girls and found them pretty generic and obvious that it wasn’t a real person.

If you will look in the fine print at LocalHookup.com, you will see that they admit to generating fake profiles as well as computer generated messages to encourage you to further or broaden your participation on the site.

Lame, Fake Messaging

I would get these waves of messages and I have learned to recognize certain patterns when they are fake. I was laughing at some of them. They are almost always extra flirty coming from an extra hot girl.

How many hot local girls do you think are actually throwing themselves at strangers the moment they log into a hookup site? I doubt there are many but most of the connections were like that at LocalHookup.com.

They would say they wanted to chat then not even say anything in response to the message I sent. I figured this was unavoidable spam and I would eventually find some real hot girls to message, but that never happened. I’m telling you right now that even free hookup sites that work don’t operate this quickly.

Phone Conversation

Unless they figure out a way to have computer generated phone calls, I don’t think it’s likely that you will be having a phone conversation with anyone that you meet on LocalHookup.com.

It’s not impossible because there are a handful of people on the site, but you will have to pay a lot of money for that gamble. How are you going to find them in the middle of all the fakes?

Get Ripped Off On This Local Hookup Site

You too can get ripped off by LocalHookup.com and all you need is $49.95 a month which will be automatically taken out of your account every month until you cancel.

They even have a fancy sounding VIP membership, but guess what the VIP features are. For just $39.61 you can have access to the porn video site VibeVideo.com and for $28.87 you can have access to VideoErotic.com.

Oh, and these charges will be automatically charged every month too. Does that sound like a casual dating site that you want to be a part of?

First Meeting

I just imagined meeting a hologram at a bar. I was trying to figure out ways that you could meet someone in person that you talk to on LocalHookup.com.

If you are going to try to hook up online, go to a site that is honest up front, pay a small fee and meet someone in your area. This site is not worth it.

Conclusion: Local Hookup Is A Scam Don’t Waste Time

I hope this review will keep you from wasting your time and money on LocalHookup.com the way I did. At least I knew it was a waste of time going in.

I just wanted to see how they scam you and there is certainly nothing new or different here. If you’ve seen one scam site, you’ve seen them all and this one runs every scam there is.

The only other factor would be whether or not you are capable of using a dating site successfully regardless of the site. I would recommend that you read my dating articles to ensure that you know everything that you need to know to be successful.

How many local hookup sites have you joined that actually work?

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