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Hi5 Review: I Recently Got A Login, Here’s My Feedback

Today I’m here to chat a bit about the Hi5.com social network. I’ve been known to dabble in certain things like this but almost every single time, I end up back on my favorite networks. When sex comes easy, you just stick with what works.

You’ll find all the details about this site below and why it might be worth trying or perhaps avoiding depending on what you’re looking for. Here’s the scoop!

Hi5 Reviews

My Experience Testing The Hi5 Social Network

If you’re old enough to remember MySpace, you might remember another site that came into fruition around that time as well. Hi5 began in 2004 as another social networking site named Tagg or Tagged or something like that and by 2009 redesigned itself as more of a social gaming platform.

How does this have anything at all to do with dating? Well, one great feature of Hi5 is that many of its 40 million monthly users are single men and women who enjoy similar activities (gaming). They are also in over 200 countries and in 50 languages, so pretty much no matter where you are or what you speak, Hi5 might be an option for you.

Is It Popular?

I don’t need to tell you, but social networking is huge and Hi5 is a very popular site. Similar to Friendster or Facebook, you can share photos, update your status, join groups, and find out about events in your area. And if your Facebook friends got tired of you sending them requests for Mafia Wars or Farmville (not farmersonly.com), rest assured that nobody on Hi5 will be unfriending because you need a plow!

Joining Hi5 #TheFacts

Joining Hi5 is completely free. The initial signup process is pretty quick and just requires a username, password, first and last name, gender, and email address. If you want to upload a picture of yourself, you can and once you’re a member, you can add in more photos to your album. At this point, you can leave your profile as it is, or you can choose to add in more information.

Remember, the more you add, the more chances you have of people wanting to connect with you. The great thing about Hi5 is that you can choose how much or how little you reveal about yourself. You can share details about your hobbies, your physical description, religious background, nationality, and what you’re looking for by being on the website. I would highly recommend that you enter in your current marital status and if you’re looking for a pen pal, gaming partner, someone to flirt with, or a relationship.

Building Out Your Profile

When you begin working on your profile, you’ll see that you can personalize it with “skins.” These are just design elements to make your profile on Hi5 more fun and unique. The more effort you put into it, the bigger the reward in drawing in other people.

Flirting Options

If you want to try your hand at flirting via the app, Hi5 has the option of clicking “yes” or “no” on other members pictures. This is a way to show if you’re interested and if they like your pictures back, it will come up as a match. You can then send them a “flirt request” and a message and you can add them to your favorites, connections, or admirers so you can access them quicker. You can also rate other members on a scale of 1 to 10 on attractiveness, so Hi5 definitely has a dating site feel to it.

Games, Gifting, Etc

As I mentioned, joining Hi5 is completely free. However, if you want to play some of the games or have additional options such as gifting, you will have to purchase virtual coins. There are no monthly membership levels, you would just buy the virtual coins as you needed them. That being said, Hi5 is still a decent site without springing for the paid extras and 95% of the site features are still completely free. However, it’s definitely not as good as my Fling.com membership.

Group Chat

Groups are a great way to further connect with like-minded people, and Hi5 has a large number of them. Remember that whatever group you join will be shown on your profile page, so make sure you aren’t joining something you wouldn’t want other people to know about.

Finally, if you don’t find a match in your groups or by browsing other members profiles, Hi5 has a section strictly for flirting. This is all the people of Hi5 that are there to find other singles looking for dates. Hi5 really does make it possible to meet people as long as you don’t mind doing a little work and digging.

If you run into any issues, you’re going to have to turn to the Tagged.com support because that’s who they’re connected with.

hi5.com customer support

To Sum Things Up…

While not strictly a dating site, Hi5 is a laid-back way to find possible dates. Easy and free to join, full of ways to meet others, and just fun itself, Hi5 might just be a site you want to add to your dating site repertoire. However, I want to make it VERY clear that given that this is a free app and site, it’s possible that there are scammers that use it. You need to be extra careful when using sites like this or you may just find yourself up shits creek with money missing or perhaps even worse. Think about it, the same rules that apply to PlentyofFish.com apply here as well.

Now, that does not happen with my recommended dating networks because there are so many people monitoring member activity that it protects itself with a little help from the security teams. In other words, you’ve got nothing to worry about. Just worry about having condoms on hand in case you get lucky.


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