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Farmers Only Review

The world of creating niche dating sites has no foreseeable end.  Today I’ll share my Farmers Only review, which I have to admit, was a story told to me by my friend who decided to join Farmers Only and share his thoughts on it.  He’s going under the pseudo name “Pete,” and for full disclosure he is an avid farmer who thinks and moves differently when compared to us living on the fast and furious East Coast.

Farmersonly.com review

The History of Farmers Only

Back in the year 2005, a man name Jerry Miller found out just how hard it was for for single farmers to meet women.  He found out with the unfortunate news that his friend became widowed.

To help address this problem, he decided to launch a website where people’s main interest is the lifestyle of a farmer.

This may mean different things to different people.  Visiting my friend “Pete” in the Midwest meant seeing great people who share the common bond of working a farm for income as well as living a healthy, happy life in rural areas.

Farmers Only Pro’s and Con’s

If you are curious about what this site has in store for you, here is a quick fact sheet we drew up after Pete shared his account access with me so I could put pen to paper and get a full Farmers Only review.

The Bright Side:

  • This site is for country people.  People who are all about farming and the outdoors.  Family values and hard work.  The site even makes the bold proclamation that it’s spurred over 100 marriages and if you read Farmers Only reviews posted on the web you’ll see that this tends to be true.
  • Very affordable in comparison to other dating apps.

The Dim Side:

  • Like most farmers (that’s not a dig), the site is quite basic.  There isn’t a method that matches users much like other sites out there that tend to pair up people based on hobbies, hair color, income, or other traits.
  • The site has a lower member count, mostly due to the extreme niche capacity.
  • Verification of members is beyond simplistic.
  • The app isn’t very user friendly.

Analysis of Above Data

Sometimes, you get what you pay for.  The trade off with having an affordable dating site membership is that the features simply aren’t on par with that of other sites.  When I join a dating site, niche, or general, I like to have features that allows me to find someone with traits I select.  Then again, as Pete reflected, farmers are pretty basic people.

Like most dating sites, the free members have very minimal privileges within the site and until they upgrade their membership to a paid version, they really can’t do anything other than log in.

The home page of the site is clean and on par with 2017 website standards, but once you log in, you are thrown back in time.  This is perhaps due to yet another angle towards the simplistic behaviors of it’s user base, or maybe they just don’t care to invest in graphic design?  Further, the layout and navigation is horrible.

Other than offering profiles to pick from, there isn’t any matching by compatibility.

For me, the deal breaker with this site was the low number of members.  While the site undoubtedly gets traffic, (I’ve seen them run commercials on ESPN) the number of users is very low.  I think like most people reading Farmers Only reviews, there are a fair number of people asking themselves the below question:

Is Farmers Only a Real Dating Site?

Seriously, I had to “Google” it myself.  Then, I reached out to my friend, and like a true, trustworthy guy from Iowa, he assisted me like John Stockton did Karl Malone for so many years.

They say there are over 150,000 users.  This is MUCH lower than even the niche adult oriented apps like Snap Sext Dating, which may not have many farmers but boy does it have horny women.

Further, we read online that Farmers Only.com gets 400,000+ hits per day.  That may seem like a big number to some people, but know that most sites in the dating space get millions of visits per day.  Think about it, every registered user comes every day or two, so when you have millions of users, it generates crazy hit counts.

You want to be careful on this website because it’s verification process is so basic that you could get catfished!

That stuff happens when background checks are simply an afterthought.

The Farmers Only.com App Reviews

Most people prefer to use apps these days over visiting the actual website.  This app has over 500 reviews in the Google Play Store, but the rating is as mere 3/5 stars at the time of us composing this review.  There are a number of complaints that people are constantly pointing out, including:

  • The lack of attention to graphic design
  • Interface experience is less than optimal
  • Inability to upload photos (this is very bad)
  • Fake profiles and robots
  • Intermittent crashing

The Final Verdict on Farmers Only com

If you are a farmer looking for a gal who is into a farmer, you could have luck here.  Pete mentioned that “after busting my ass messaging everyone in my county” he did meet a gal he had a great time with.  However, for you city slickers like myself, I’d simply pass and move on to other dating apps due to many of the reasons I mentioned above.



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