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Fetish.com Review

Fetish.com Review – A BDSM Sex Network

Fetish.com is a dating site for men and women who are in the fetish lifestyle and people who are interested in experiencing it for the first time. It is open to men and women of every sexual orientation. The website does not have any explicit or adult-related images on its homepage and is, therefore, safe to use at work. However, think twice before doing that since it’s a sex dating network.

Fetish.com Review

Fetish Review – Site Facts & User Experience Expectations

I’ll kick things off here with the costs of using the website. Here’s what you need to know about this whole site starting with the money it’s going to cost you to upgrade.


Fetish has both premium and VIP memberships available. One month of premium will cost you $10.89, three months will cost $24.74, six months will cost $39.49, and twelve months will cost $59.29.

VIP membership will cost $18.59 for one month, $39.49 for three months, $65.89 for six months, and $98.89 for twelve months.

Established User Base

This site has been around since 1995. That means that it is very well-established and has a large user base that keeps coming back to use the site over and over again.

This is a very good sign that the site is able to do what it claims to do for all of its members. This is a site that continues to grow in popularity because it continues to offer a service that works for its new and returning users.

Regional Search Results

One of the things that make this site so successful is the ability of the users to run regional searches for eligible matches.

This lets you talk to people in your area who are willing and able to meet up in person and that is not something that is available on all of its competitor’s sites.

This also lets other users find you easily so you can expect to get messages from them, as well as responses to the ones that you send out. The user base is active, so there is always someone in your area to talk to.

Photos Are Moderated

Any of the photos that you wish to upload to this site will be moderated before the other users are able to see them.

This makes it easy for the people who run the site to keep spam accounts to a minimum. It is also possible to report any other user that you suspect of being a scam account.

They will be blocked from you immediately so you never have to worry about being contacted by them ever again. The site will also look at their account to see if it should be deleted.

Live Chat

On top of these benefits, it is also possible to use the live chat feature that the site has to offer you. This is the best way to talk to the users in real-time.

Fetish.com lets you do away with having to send a message and simply wait until the other person sees it. You will be able to see them online, so you will know if they are interested in talking to you or not.

It is the best way to get to know someone and save a lot of time in the process of learning about them.

Conclusion: Try Out Fetish Today

Fetish is a great site for anyone who wants to explore the fetish lifestyle. It is also the perfect place for anyone who is already in the lifestyle to meet like-minded people.

It is easy to use and you can use the live chat feature to talk to other members in real-time. The accounts are moderated so you don’t have to worry about being scammed or spammed while you use the site. It is more than worth your time to check it all out and see if the fetish lifestyle is really for you.

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