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Fetlife Review: Living That Fetish Lifestyle

Fetlife.com is an adult website for those who are seeking interactions from others with common interests around different genres of adult sexuality.  I’ve actually covered similar sites in reviews over the years, one of which is called CollarSpace. If you’re into that, then you might be into this site as well.

What is it exactly? Well, it’s a place where users are very open, supportive to one another, and are eager to meet and discuss their similar interests.  If you are new, this is a place to come and explore another side of your sexuality, and you can do so within a supportive community.  This site is frequently visited by millions of users, and the best experience can come from high user engagement, backed with exceptional safety and security features.

Fetlife.com screenshot

Where to Start on Fetlife.com

I’ll kick things off with the registration process. At Fetlife.com, the sign-up is a simple process.  Once signed up, there is a confirmation stage you can get through a text message on your phone. Fetlife will send you a confirmation code, and once you have confirmed your account, you will then be prompted to set up your profile. Your profile setup can be as much as you would like to add or as little.  From there, you are free to join groups, and this is where you will find the social community that makes Fetlife what it is.

The Differences

Fetlife is different compared to other sites such as OKCupid or even more risque sites like AFF.com.  Other dating sites are data-driven through algorithms set by the websites and share profiles of other individuals based on that metric data. Fetlife is different because it is truly a social community.  In discussion groups, you can make new friends with other users, and if you like to write or blog; you can share your posts. There is an additional way to communicate through private messages on your wall once you have connected with a member.

It also boasts a Facebook type of feeling within the site where activities of users you follow will post in your feed. This aspect may be something that is more well-received by others if they are truly looking for a community-style fetish website to garner connections of like-minded individuals. For those users out there who are in the fast lane looking for the perfect instant match with a bunch of singles, however, this may be a point of contention.

Either way, the site has very specific types of communities out there for you to pick from to join. If a continual feed of updated activities from others, you follow is not something you’re interested in, you can elect to join the communities and jump right into connecting with those of the same interests.  If you are unsure of joining a community or engage with someone, there are friendly chats you can have before leaping in.

What if You Are Shy?

One of the great attributes of fetlife.com is if you are typically a shy person and more so on the reserved side to express yourself in particular, this is a great place to get you to open up. Overall, the feeling is mutually engaging. Posting pictures of yourself will garner and generate plenty of compliments.  If you share a fantasy within a blog post, you will get comments in return.

The Pros

Fetlife Community is very accepting. You can find individuals in a funnel-like process. So, for example, if you are looking for someone who has a specific fetish living on the east coast, and you happen to be traveling there, you can search out these users and that geographical region for those who would be interested in engaging with you during the time of your stay or visit.  If that is something that interests you once you connect with someone, you can move to private messaging for a more private conversation.

There is a friend feature on fetlife.com and once you add someone as your friend the ability to message them works very much like regular email making communications easy.  Another feature is a button you can connect with called “kinky and popular.” There you can instantly browse a display of the most popular blogs on the site.  The look and feel of the ‘kinky and popular’ blog post are comparable to Tumblr. Once you are in this area, you can see a collection of homemade videos of different fetish interests of other online users. all the site’s content is accessible free with the only videos that have a requirement for payment at a reasonable fee of only $5.

Key Features

  • Free adult blog updates feature porn.
  • Lots of discussion groups.
  • Big network, friendly, inviting.
  • Unusually Powerful free membership.
  • Updates feed for following users.
  • Safe and secure

The Cons

The cons of using fetlife.com are that the site is very old-fashioned. The website design itself is antiquated. The site may be text-heavy with a Craigslist feel. As mentioned previously, if you are not a fan of Facebook or you dislike the community updates, that would be the only drawback. Another drawback is only by site users is, do not set their photos in a public setting.

Fetlife Is Worth It

So as you can see, the pros far outweigh the cons in using a site such as this one. The site is safe well secured. Fetlife.com sells none of its user’s information to third parties. You are not inundated with third-party ads like some other websites. If you have questions about the safety and security of fetish life.com you can go to their website and click on their privacy policy to find out more information. Give it a shot if you’d like.

If not, there’s always a TON of amazing sex apps out there with people chomping at the bit to get their hands on your and your genitals – not joking. Just don’t hire any escorts from the typical call girl sites and you’ll be fine.

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