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Alt.com – My Full Review of This BDSM Dating Site

As a guy who keeps his pulse on the dating niche, I mainly stick with the casual sex apps and websites that allow me to meet women for straight up sexual encounters.  However, in an effort to keep this site buzzing with content, I sometimes take a dive into the deep end and check out alternative dating sites.  Enter Alt.com, something that I stumbled into that felt like a dark underworld of kinky stuff, couples doing nasty stuff to one another, and just other weirdness.  Naturally, I had to join up and see what this was all about.  Enjoy my Alt Review, and when you read it in it’s entirety you’ll see how this experience was one like no other one I had on any other dating site.

By the way, before you get too far into this review, here’s my list of top adult hook up sites and apps.  

My Full Alt.com Review Notes

  • Reputation – Solid, yet small reports of bots
  • Free version – Yes
  • Gender Ratio – 80/20 Male Female
  • Unique Features – Full Time Customer Support, Real Testimonials

alt.com home page

So the first thing you’ll see here if you are a dude like me, is that this site is mostly dominated by male profiles.  Being a straight man with zero intentions on changing that, that’s my first turn off here on Alt.com.  If you are a man looking for a female for kinks and fetishes, you’ll find that you have a lot of stiff competition, and I say that with the pun fully intended!

Once you verify your identity you’ll get your account approved, and this helps fight against fake profiles and those pesky bots that nobody likes.  Once you are approved, you are ready to start looking to satisfy your inner kink!

You can find anything on this site from bondage to erotic sexual encounters, and you can do so as a solo act, or with a group, or couple, so if your swinger rules allow you to do this with your partner, you may find some play dates on this site and let you get into some new experiences.

When you join Alt.com free of charge, you’ll find that most of the profiles are written with details about their experiences in role playing and BDSM. If this is new to you, you’ll have to start searching for all the meanings of these things so you’ll be able to understand how you fit into the equation or what the heck you are possibly getting into!  I’m not into this, so admittedly, I had to find time to study up and learn about all of this jargon.

While Alt.com makes claims that you’ll be able to find a partner for any sexual fantasy you wish, that’s a mighty lofty claim I have yet to satisfy.  I went in with an open mind, but the experience ended up being a huge disappointment.  As I mentioned earlier, the makeup of men to women is NOT something that turned me on.

There are a few features you can use when you get a free Alt.com membership, but I found out that they don’t let you do much until you upgrade to a paid plan.  With so many other websites and apps like Fling.com’s app allowing you to browse and do other things without paying everything upfront, this was a turn off.

Anyhow, when you get into the area where you create your profile, you get to choose your sexual orientation.  They even have a ‘bi-curious’ option, meaning if you are into both sexes, you can check that box and find like minded people in that area as well.  You can also use the drop down menu to select if you are a sub or dom.  That’s short hand for submissive or dominant, in case you are new to the BDSM stuff.  If you aren’t into that stuff, like me, just check “not applicable.”

You’ll then have to fill out a mandatory field that is your introduction.  This will all appear on your profile page for the whole world to see so make sure you say what you don’t mind other people seeing.  The sign up process is very simple on Alt.com and it only takes a few minutes to answer all of the questions.  Upon completion you’ll get an email from Alt.com that has you confirm your account, and once that’s done you’ll be back on your profile page and they’ll ask for money.  HUGE TURN OFF.  But, while we are here, let’s get into the pricing details:

Alt.com Pricing & Cost

This website offers two plans, gold, and silver.  You can select gold in a duration of one or three months, or just dive in head first and do a whole year.  The features include:

  • browse all member profiles
  • ability to contact any member
  • view member videos
  • show up in searches
  • access to groups and blogs
  • access to all images in full size
  • Chat access to any member supplying this information
  • 24/7 Customer service

The gold membership plan is $29.95 each month on the monthly plan, $59.97 on a three month plan, and $149.97 for a year.

In comparison, the silver plan has the same features minus access to full sized images and access to chat info.  You also get limited access to blogs and videos.  Prices are $19.97 monthly, 3 months for $35.97, and yearly for $99.97.

While these are in line with the industry, it’s a rather niched down site with less users, so we’d say there are many better deals out there.

Alt.com Review Verdict

If sexual fetishes are your thing, I would urge you to check out FetLife as I had a much better experience using that site.

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