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ExWifeSexBook Review: Not Worth It (A Dead Site Now)

Conclusion: ExWifeSexBook.com has been shut down and no longer exists. It was previously connected to Milfaholic, but instead, it’s been taken offline. This is for the better considering the site was such a scam and simply taking money from people with zero return. If you’re truly interested in learning what my review was like when it was around, then keep reading. If not, then take a closer look at my favorite adult dating sites today.

Are you looking for a woman who is recently out of a relationship or marriage and is raring to go? If you are the type of guy who wants a casual relationship with someone who doesn’t expect much from you but has some bedroom skills, then you might be tempted to try out ExWifeSexBook.com.

It’s a known fact that women recently out of a relationship like to bang random men. And while you will have some of the wildest sex of your life if you can snag one of these horny hotties, you’re not going to have it by using ExWifeSexBook.com

Why you may ask?

Well keep reading to find out why ExWifeSexBook.com is not only a waste of your time, it doesn’t even really exist.


ExWifeSexBook.com = Milfaholic.com

When you arrive on the landing page of ExWifeSexBook.com, you’re going to instantly see that it no longer exists.

Wait, what?

Yep, you read it right, ExWifeSexBook.com has a little message for anyone who wants to join their site they are no longer taking members and instead, you should join the site Milfaholic.com.

What is Milfaholic.com?

Well, unfortunately, it’s just another shady adult dating site (see it here) that uses the typical tricks and deceitful maneuvers to trick unsuspecting men into spending their money for absolutely nothing. If you are doubting me, keep reading to find out why I would avoid Milfaholic.com

Why Milfaholic.com is a Waste of Time

If you’ve ever joined a dating site, you’ve probably noticed they are all pretty similar. You sign up for free, you make a little profile, and within minutes you realize that if you want to do anything more than just look at thumbnails, you’re going to have to pay up.

Now, I’m not saying that every dating site that charges money is a fraud I understand why these sites have to charge a fee and I’m ok with it. What I’m not okay with is charging money and not delivering on what you promised.

How do I know that Milfaholic.com isn’t going to deliver? Well, because of these reasons:

  1. It uses fake profiles.

Shady dating sites will often use fake profiles of pictures they stole from the internet. These profiles, called Fantasy Cupids on Milfaholic.com, are either run by a bot or an employee of the dating service and they are paid to talk to you.

Let me say that again…These profiles are either bot-run or an employee is paid to talk to you.

You might not care if someone is paid to talk to you, but you’ll sure care when you ask to meet them, and they have every excuse in the book as to why they can’t, and you’ve wasted time and money on this person.

Oh, and don’t forget, they aren’t even the person in the pictures. Know what that means?

They could be anybody. Guy, girl, something else completely.

  1. Messaging is computer automated.

Have you ever joined a site and before you’ve even made a profile or posted a picture, you’re being sent messages?

Are these messages from someone super-hot?

Are these messages rather suggestive?

Guess what? You’re not being hit on by some horny woman, but instead, you’re receiving automated messages.

Dating sites that send out automated messages like this are doing so to make you think you’re wanted and desirable. They also hope you’re going to be so excited that you’re receiving messages from a woman that you’re going to upgrade your membership from free to paid. The thing is, these messages are fake, and nobody is writing to you.

I hate to burst your bubble, but think about this: Would you contact a woman who has no profile and no pictures?

Unless you’re straight outta prison and looking to get some tail from anyone, you’re probably not going to. And I can promise you that no woman is going to contact a man without any information about them. They just aren’t that stupid.

  1. It’s expensive.

On top of using fake profiles and bot messages, Milfaholic.com is expensive. Once again, I don’t mind paying for a service, as long as I get results. Unfortunately, with Milfaholic.com they’re going to charge you and you’re not going to get much beyond a headache.

If you don’t believe me and you still want to give the site a try, here is what you’re going to be paying for a subscription:

Basic Membership

  • 3-day trial: $8.85; automatically renews at $29.95/month
  • 1-month membership: $29.95/month; automatically renews

Gold Membership

  • 2-month membership: $49.00; automatically renews at $34.95
  • 3-month membership: $59.95

I’m sorry, but that is not “chump change” for anyone, especially if you’re unaware that these memberships automatically renew, and you don’t cancel in time. And good luck dealing with their customer service if you do want to cancel, they certainly take their good old time processing your request, often forcing you to pay for another month of a useless membership.

  1. The parent company owns other shady sites.

Milfaholic.com isn’t the only shady site that this parent company owns. Have you ever heard of LocalMilfSelfies.com, SelfieBBWs.com, AffairAlert.com, or Curvybbw.com? The same company that owns Milfaholic.com and ExWifeSexBook.com owns these sites and not one in the bunch is legit.

The Verdict on ExWifeSexBook.com and Milfaholic.com

I have joined many dating sites in my day, and I’ve seen both the good and the bad. With so many people turning to internet dating instead of meeting people at a bar or club, less-than-honest companies are figuring out how they can get in on this trend, which means a lot of people are being scammed.

ExWifeSexBook.com and Milfaholic.com are part of this trend, created to trick dumb, horny men into joining and paying for nothing but fake profiles and frustration.

Look, you don’t have to take my word for it, although you definitely should. If nothing else, look at the terms of service that Milfaholic.com has to provide to every member and see if what I’m saying is true. I think that once you give those a good reading over, you’re going to realize that joining Milfaholic.com is one of the worst dating decisions you could make.

Look, if you want to get laid, then you’re going to have to try something else, like one of the top ten NSA apps I use listed here. If not, then I don’t know what to say, sorry. Last resort, give Milfplay a shot. There are plenty of ex-wives looking for dong there! As long as you’re not using that bed page escort site you’re good to go. Anything but that crap.

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