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CurvyBBW.com Finally Exposed For Everything Wrong They Do

I’m normally not into dating BBWs but I do like busty women. That’s why I decided to try CurvyBBW and see what it was all about. In doing so, I was able to verify the illegitimacy of the entire CurvyBBW.com network. The site has done a few things that simply cannot and will not lead to hooking up with big beautiful women.

At first glance, it seems like this is the answer to all your dating problems. It claims to be free and able to successfully connect you with plus size women completely free of charge. They also claim that this is a top mobile app that allows you to “hook up from your phone.” They also claim that there are “thousands of members” online looking to hook up. Find out if this is a total scam or something that might actually work. You’ll find the answers to your questions below. It looks awfully similar to the BBWDesire site, which is a complete scam.

CurvyBBW.com Review

Everything I Know About CurvyBBW And Why It’s A Scam

Here are a few things that I learned about the CurvyBBW.com dating network. Before getting into the details of things, here’s a quick rundown of the main topics that I’ll be covering during my review…

  • Profile Ages Are Skeptical
  • Thousands, Not Hundreds of Thousands
  • Fantasy Cuties
  • Stolen Images
  • Auto Messaging
  • Employees Not, Members

Same Age Profiles

If you think that it’s strange for a BBW dating site to display girls all in their 20s then I agree. If you look at the homepage screenshot posted below, you’ll notice that many of the girls are all topless and in their mid-20s. This is not common for a real dating site as there are people of all ages within most members areas. I find it a bit skeptical that the company showcases big busty women that are between 20 and 30 years of age. Something to think about for sure.

Curvybbw profile ages

Thousands Won’t Get You Laid

When you see a dating site marketing their site as “Thousands of Members,” you best be skeptical. What I can safely say after knowing what I do about these networks, there are normally millions of users, not thousands. If a site is promoting itself as only having thousands of users, then it’s going to be hard to find someone in your local area.

Fake Profiles All Over The Place

Another discovery I made using CurvyBBW was the fact that they incorporate fake profiles into their member’s areas. I can’t stand it when sites do this. Sure, they let you know that they’re doing this in terms and conditions but you won’t waste time reading that stuff. All fake profiles are labeled as “Fantasy Cuties” and they will not lead you anywhere. I’m pretty certain that you’ll have a horrible time and experience should you decide to interact with any fantasy cutie.

Stolen Images On Curvy BBW (Maybe)

I was able to determine that the site contains images that have been posted all over the web. You’ll find that many of the profile pics look familiar. In fact, they’re so familiar that you may have even come across them on other dating sites. Take a look at the TinEye results below and you’ll see what I’m talking about. The image is explicit so I had to blur it out, but you get the idea. Why would a dating profile photo be posted on random sites like pussy7.com, whatboyswant.com, Imgur, and other sites? It’s because the image is likely stolen.

curvybbw fantasy cuties

Auto Messages Sent To Real Users

When you join curvybbw.com you’ll quickly notice that the site sends you automated messages almost instantly. They do this to encourage you to take action and interact with profiles (both fake and real). My opinion on automated messaging is one that all those incorporating this into their site are going to hate. I think using these messages is the biggest dirtbag move possible.

Too Many Employees

You’ll notice that the company mentions that they’ve hired employees to communicate with people who sign up. No, they don’t do so as employees but instead, they act as if they’re real people. The truth is that they are nothing but paid workers running fantasy cuties and that’s about it.

No, It’s Not Free At All

Not sure if I mentioned this already but the site that claims to be free most definitely is not. You better be ready to spend money if you want to do anything on CurvyBBW. Here are the membership costs that they offer. It’s $8.90 for a trial, $40.21 for a monthly subscription. You have other options such as a gold membership which costs $11.46 for a trial, $49.95 for two months and $69.90 for a three-month membership. Let me be clear, none of these are worth buying!

Want To Reach Out To Them?

Looking to connect with the company then all you need to do is reach out to Plymouth Associates Ltd. by emailing support@fastdatingsupport.com or calling 1-844-399-9749.

Conclusion: CurvyBBW.com Is A Terrible Dating Network

You will not meet any BBWs on the site. I’d bet my life on your never having sex with any women on CurvyBBW. It’s perhaps the worst site I’ve come across in quite some time. You might have more luck if you were to head on over to Backpage and try to meet some big women. Just kidding, definitely do not do that! Even that might be a worse option than this site. You’ll likely agree with me after reading this article.

Can you join any sites that have big beautiful women that are real members? Absolutely, there are plenty of big, busty, horny women using the main networks that I’m a part of. I strongly suggest that you check out the homepage and read through the list of sites I highly recommend.

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