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I Got An EHarmony Login. Read My Review And Find Out What I Discovered.

I recently got an eHarmony login after surfing the web for a new dating site. I was eager to try something new and since I knew a lot of people that have used this site, I knew it was one to try. EHarmony is a dating site that definitely has a reputation. It’s obvious that they invested a lot of money into getting their name out there because I have heard it mentioned many times in online dating circles and by very close friends.

I took a bit of a closer look so I could see if it really worked or if it was just another one of those sites to add to my scam website list. The first thing you should realize is that it’s not completely free. It says it is now free to use, but you aren’t connecting with anyone,real or fake unless you pay to play with others.

Don't Join This

eharmony login review

My eHarmony Review And Everything I Learned

The signup process is cool and seems like an original layout. The navigation is kind of cool. The site requires that you share a little about yourself in the join process. You need to rate yourself on how affectionate you are, how intelligent you are and a number of other characteristics. They even ask you to pick 4 words to describe yourself from a list of characteristics. I thought it was kind of a refreshing way set up matches on a dating site. However, by the time I got through all the crazy questions, I was already annoyed with it. I was even more annoyed when I realized later that it was never going to work. You put so much time into answering these monotonous questions to setup your profile that it is pretty much filled out by the time you finish the entire questionnaire.

You are supposed to receive your carefully selected matches based on your answers every morning. While I received those matches every morning; none of them ended up leading me anywhere. eHarmony says that it’s free, but all you can do for free is set up a profile. After that, you have to pay before you can do anything. Plus, when you make your free profile, they use and redistribute your information to attract other users. This is likely where all the fake profiles on the site come from. See the problem is that the website uses profiles of individuals that may have since deleted their accounts or are no longer active users. If a hot girl signs up, they keep her profile picture up on the site to make you think that she might be interested in banging you. Trust me though, she most definitely is not interested.

The Messaging Reveals It’s A Scam

One thing I always notice about scam sites is that you start receiving a lot of messages when it’s free. You get alerts that these really cute girls are writing you and want to connect. Some of those girls completely disappeared when I joined. Others just ignored me. The only responses I got from the initial messages were a couple of girls asking me to watch them on their webcam site. I was so disappointed when I saw the messages coming in and I could tell they were fake. I mean, at least be a little less obvious about it. If you have seen as many scams sites as I have, you know how to smell a stinker.

Phone Conversations

If you haven’t already figured it out by now, none of the supposed connections I made led to a phone call. I don’t think I ever came close to getting any numbers during my time on eHarmony. All I got was dead end after dead end. If I would have made any progress at all, I would have tried it longer.

The eHarmony Cost To Join

How much does eHarmony cost? Well, to be honest, it costs too much for what you get! EHarmony.com has a bit of a complicated price structure because they have one set of prices for basic membership and one set of prices for full access membership. Even the basic plans are pretty expensive. You can get a price of $17.95 a month but you have to pay a year in advance. Otherwise, the cheapest upfront price is to pay for 6 months at $39.95 a month. They have a special going where you pay for 6 months at $29.95 and get 6 for free. The TotalConnect plans are $18.95 a month if you pay for 12 months, $41.95 if you pay for 6 months and they have a special where you pay for 6 months at $31.95 and get 6 months free.

First Meeting

Six months of browsing eHarmony.com and not one meeting to speak of. That is either really bad luck or a really bad site and I don’t think my luck is that bad. If this site would have been legit, I should have been able to talk to at least one or two real women. In fact, if it were as effective as my top ranked hook up sites then I would have gotten laid a handful of times in that period of time.

F.A.Q. Section

Per usual, I’m getting a ton of questions about this website. It’s not a shocker given the sheer size of the website itself. It’s legit one of the biggest in the world. However, that doesn’t make it the best! Anyway, before I further digress, here are some answers to common questions I seen in my inbox or twitter account. Some of these are ridiculous, I know, but they are worth displaying just so I stop having them show up in my inbox.

I want an eHarmony login, can you get one for me?

Um, what do you think I am!?! Your personal assistant? I can’t get one for you! Do you want me to set up a profile and fuck a girl for you too? I didn’t think so. It’s pretty easy to get a login. Just join for free if you’re really that interested. I personally would not do it.

I read some of the eHarmony reviews that have been published on other sites. They seem to have a different opinion than you. What do you make of this?

Look, I make my own opinions based on my personal experiences using the site. If you think that someone else has a review that is more favorable to your liking, then take action based on that review. Should you not feel the same, then join a site listed below that actually works well.

Is it possible to find a promo code online for this site?

I don’t know and I don’t care. I refuse to help my readers join a website that I know doesn’t work. That’s like me driving a crack head to meet their drug dealer. I’m just not going to do it.

Did you try the eharmony free weekend or did you just jump right in and pay the cost to upgrade?

I prefer to jump right in and get things cranking. However, I wouldn’t waste my money on this site right away (if I were you).

EHarmony vs match, which is better?

They both equally suck. Next question!

Who is the original eharmony founder?

What most people don’t know is that there are two founders. The man in the tv commercials is Neil Clark Warren and the other founder is Greg Forgatch.

Conclusion: eHarmony Is Not Worth Joining

Don’t be one of those guys who thinks, just because you know the name eHarmony, that it must be a great and effective site to try. Yes, it’s safe to try it but it’s not going to get you laid. You pay a lot of money for a membership just to have to hassle with mostly bullshit profiles and messages that lead to no date and obviously no sex. I can’t stress enough how I will never recommend this site to anyone. I’ve spent years using dating sites and I know what works. Unfortunately, this isn’t one of them.

What dating sites will get me laid?

If you’re serious about hooking up with someone and you’re not entirely interested in a serious relationship then I suggest you take a look at the sites I’ve listed below. They all are proven to work well and will, in fact, get you laid. If you do not get laid using them, I’ll get you another membership. That’s how confident I am!

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