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Cougarcrush Review


Thinking of using Cougarcrush.com? If so, then read my official review after using the site in an attempt to meet horny cougars fast as possible. This explains my experience, findings, and most importantly, the results of using the site. 

Cougars are a trend that has been popular for years in the adult industry and the online dating industry as well. Cougars are often hot and insatiable with the experience and willingness to please a man in many ways, especially younger men. CougarCrush.com is one of the many dating and hookup sites that seeks to take advantage of this trend which doesn’t look like it’s going away anytime soon.

Another trend that’s not going away anytime soon is the trend of fooling users into paying money for premium memberships, but not offering them a genuine dating experience.

This site assaults you with fake profiles and fake messages and they try to tell you that they are doing it for your entertainment. Well, I for one am not entertained by being fooled and paying money with very little possibility of finding a date. Read my review below and I will tell you how I came to this conclusion.

Cougarcrush Review

Cougarcrush.com Review And Why I Don’t Trust This Website

I kind of like it when a site like CougarCrush.com is forthcoming about how they plan to fool you because it gives me a reason to leave before I sign in and spend my money. That makes it a little more honest than many other bogus dating sites, but it does not make it an effective one. When you arrive at the main page, just look at the little paragraph below the “Sign Up” button. This paragraph tells you that the site is for adult entertainment purposes only.

Cupid Profiles Ruined Everything For Me

They also admit that some of the profiles are generated by the company. They call these “Cupid” profiles, which is a term that is always a red flag when you are on a dating or hookup site.

They go on to mention their Ice Breaker system as if it’s a good thing. This system involves sending messages to other members on your behalf, so you are basically contributing to their fraud. You end up receiving messages that are fake and generated by the company and they tell you that they’re doing you a favor.

If what you’ve read so far isn’t enough to deter you from joining, then keep reading. Check out my personal experience below. I will tell you how I confirmed my suspicions, just like I’ve done right here, many times. I was able to determine that this site might be a waste of effort.

Personal Experience

When I signed in; I was glad that I read the fine print because I started receiving a lot of messages. I already knew about their Cupid profiles and that they were marked with a C. All the messages I got before I paid for a membership were marked with a C.

It was no surprise that, once I paid for my membership, these women would not answer me. After having no luck with those women, I browsed the site using their rather basic search criteria. I talked to a few women who did not have their profiles marked with a C, but their messages still looked very similar to the ones that were. I did a reverse image search on some of these women and found their pictures on adult sites. Proof that they use model pictures to create bogus profiles.

I made a concentrated effort to contact as many cougar women as I could for my month of membership and it was just more of the same. I noticed that, at the end of my billing cycle, I started receiving more messages as if they were trying to tempt me to pay for another month. No thank you, I have had enough.

Site Features (Basic Shit)

CougarCrush.com is your basic social media-type dating site where you have a news feed and check out both photos and videos from other members. You can chat, share photos or blog posts, and see who has viewed your profile. There is also a mobile version. They don’t have an actually dating app to the best of my knowledge.

The Cost (Too Expensive For What You Get)

As with many other fraudulent dating sites; you can sign up, browse, and receive messages, but you cannot respond to them until you pay for a membership.

The standard monthly membership cost is $29.95. It’s only $14.95 a month if you buy a 3-month membership. Save more money by getting a 1-year subscription for $95.40 or get a lifetime subscription for $199.95.

CougarCrush Conclusion – This Site Will Leave You Wallet Thinner And Dreams Crushed

The bottom line is that this site pretty much sucks and my results were piss poor. I’d say stay away from this site if I were you. I spent too much money upgrading and didn’t get the results that I wanted. That’s the big conclusion.

Sites like CougarCrush.com are interchangeable and use the same tactics no matter what the niche. They provide you with only the most basic functions and constantly try to fool you into paying month after month for their service without giving you a genuine dating experience.

There are far too many fake profiles and you can’t tell what is real or false. Most or all the messages you receive are computer-generated and they take your profile info and use it to fool others. Avoid this one for sure.

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