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FlirtyCougars Review: You’re Flirting With Disaster Here…

Do you have a thing for cougars? I’m not talking about the big cat, but if you do, that’s kind of strange. Anyway, you know what I mean, those sexy older women that can inspire many a wet dream no matter what age you happen to be. I mean, if Stifler’s Mom doesn’t turn you on, your eyes are closed! If you’re the type of man who likes an older woman, you may be tempted to give a site I stumbled across a try. FlirtyCougars.com promises to hook you up with the older woman of your dreams, but does it really deliver?

Well, if you want to know that answer, my friend, you’re going to have to read my review of FlirtyCougars.com to see if it’s worth your time and money. Before getting to that though, I want you to understand that there are sites and locations to go to meet cougars. You’ll find older women everywhere and if you take the time to search for them in the right places, you might actually get laid.

FlirtyCougars.com screenshot

3 Reasons Why Flirty Cougars is a Waste of Time

Why do you join a dating site? Is it the same reason I join a dating site? If you’re like me, you probably join a dating site to actually date someone and hopefully get some action out of it.

I can almost guarantee that nobody joins a dating site to be ripped off and scammed by fake profiles, but unfortunately, FlirtyCougars.com is one of the dating sites that uses fake profiles. And that isn’t the only trick they use. In fact, FlirtyCougars.com is a prime example of a shady dating site because it uses the same tricks as other scam sites.

If you don’t believe me, keep reading to find out the 3 reasons why Flirty Cougars is a waste of your time.

  1. Fake profiles a’plenty.

Any dating site that is a rip-off is going to have fake profiles on the site. FlirtyCougars.com is really no different. Not only do they have a lot of female profiles, but I also suspect the majority of them are fake.

How can I tell? Let me fill you in.

First, almost every female profile is a smoking hot woman. Cougars come in all shapes, sizes, and looks and I’m sorry, but not every woman on a site can be that hot. What this says to me is that Flirty Cougars stole these pictures from the internet and created profiles that would draw men in.

Why do sites do this? Well, there are a few reasons, actually. The first reason is that they want you to think you’re going to hook up with some amazing looking women. Never mind that some of the guys who use dating sites look like dirty hobbits, sites like Flirty Cougars want you those guys to think they’re an Adonis.

Another reason that dating sites will do this is to make the site seem busy and fun. Otherwise, would you pay to have a membership? I mean, I wouldn’t want to pay to be on a site where there is nothing but hobbit-men.

And finally, Flirty Cougars and its sister sham sites will use these sexy women to “chat” with you, sending you messages that you can’t read until you do one particular thing. Guess what that is.

Spend money. Yep, if you want to read messages that are sent to you, you have to pay for a membership. Funny how that works, isn’t it?

Oh, and when you pay for that membership, guess what? You’re talking to a fake person. These sites will either use a bot to keep sending you messages that kind of fit with what you’re discussing, or they hire someone to talk to you. And that person is not the person who is pictured.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t have time for conversations with someone I’m never going to meet and definitely never going to take to bed.

  1. You’re going to get messages even without a complete profile.

Would you contact someone that you’ve never seen a picture of? Or, what if they haven’t written anything about themselves? I know I sure wouldn’t.

But, once you join FlirtyCougars.com and before you’ve even finished making a profile, you’re going to get messages from those fake profiles. Suddenly you’re the most interesting man on the planet and I’m not sure how that works without any information in your profile, but that’s what happens.

Let me spell this out for you and every man on the planet: IMHO, no woman will ever contact you without some information about yourself and a picture.

Trust me on this, if you join Flirty Cougars and you’re getting message after message from hot women, they’re fake.

  1. It’s all listed in the terms of service.

If these types of tactics infuriate you like they do to me, you’re probably wondering how it is legal to do them. Well, it’s very simple. FlirtyCougars.com and other shady dating sites like them will list every bit of deceit they engage in within their terms of service.

The terms of service are the most boring thing you’ll read, and most people don’t ever bother to read them. In fact, most dating site companies make it difficult to find them, but next time you’re thinking of joining a dating site look at the sign-up page. Right under the “join” button is a tiny box that is usually prechecked; that’s where the terms of service are and by clicking join, you agree to those terms whether you read them or not.

It is very important that no matter what dating site you’re joining, you read those terms. They have to list everything about their site in them for legal purposes and to protect themselves should someone get bent out of shape and think they’re going to sue.

If all of this doesn’t convince you and you still want to waste your money, here’s what you’re going to pay by becoming a paid member.

Cost of FlirtyCougars.com

FlirtyCougars.com isn’t terribly expensive in the world of dating sites, but I still don’t like wasting my money. However, if you do, here’s what it costs to be a paid member:

  • Trial membership-$4.23 which auto-renews at $36.41
  • One-month membership-$18.20
  • Three-month membership-$30.62
  • One-year membership-$49.49

However, if you want to throw away your money, I’d be glad to take it. Can you tell I definitely don’t want you to join FlirtyCougars.com?

Final Verdict on FlirtyCougars.com

I’m not sure that I can say much more about FlirtyCougars.com that I haven’t already said. They use the same shady tactics that all other bad dating sites use, and they continue to get away with it because they have a good legal department ensuring they’re covered in the terms of service. And as long as men keep falling for these tactics, there’s always going to be sites ripping them off.

Trust me, avoid FlirtyCougars.com, you’ll not regret it.

Now, time to get down to the good stuff…

Where can you go to meet someone (preferably of cougar age) and hookup that night? Well, there are lots of places actually, you just need to meet the right woman on the right app or site. My advice would be to take some time to check out Milfplay.com if you haven’t already. Other than that, I’d say any apps listed here are top notch for smashing cougars.

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