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Cougar Life Review: Mature Dating Site Or Just A Crock Of Shit?

I’m a huge fan of meeting and hooking up with cougars. There’s no type of woman that I’d like to bang more frequently than a horny cougar. If you are a cub on the prowl for some cougars, you may have heard or come across the site called, Cougar Life. It’s a popular dating app and mobile website that concentrates on hooking up young men with older, mature women also referred to as MILFs. A lot of hookup sites say that they can hook you up and I thought CougarLife.com was one of them since I had heard so much about. What I found is that their popularity makes for a high traffic site, but it’s mostly desperate men sifting through fake profiles to try to find a real MILF. Read my review below before taking a chance on this site.

cougar life reviews

Cougar Life Doesn’t Work And Steals Your Money

CougarLife.com is a beautiful site, so I can’t complain about their presentation. They have taken the money they made from cheating thousands of naive men and invested in a professional layout complete with hot model pictures. Sad thing is that many of the profiles you browse have pictures of models as well instead of an authentic cougar in your area. Not all the ladies are fake though. I have to give the site credit because I did talk to 2 different cougars during my time trying out the site. These ladies were not very desirable and did not appreciate that I didn’t want to hook up with them. I’m not even close to being picky, but these ladies did not have what I was looking for. It’s pretty bad that they were my only choices.

I can’t say too many bad things about Cougar Life because many scam sites have no real women at all. At least it’s remotely possible to find a real woman here. The question is, are you ready to pay a membership fee month after month hoping that you find a hot MILF? If so, are you ready to do so using a site that can barely connect you with real women? Are you prepared to waste a bunch of time reading computer generated messages and trying to weed out fake profiles? Unless you are, I would find a better cougar dating site that legitimately tries to hook you up with older milfs in your area. This site just wants your money and if you happen to find a lady in the meantime, you hit the jackpot.

Standard Scam Site Messaging

If you have ever been scammed by a hookup site, you know that you always get a lot of messages when you first sign in. These messages can’t be read until you pay for a membership. When you pay, you don’t hear from these women again. The exact same thing happened at Cougar Life. I swear it happens just to me but who the fuck knows! I managed to start messaging 2 cougars after weeks of sending chat requests. One of them did admit to me that her pictures were not recent and she was more of a grandma who had not aged well. That type of thing isn’t what I’m into either. Not even the least bit! The other was less attractive than her pictures, 20 pounds heavier, annoying, bossy and wouldn’t take no for an answer. That’s the extent of my success.

Phone Calls

I didn’t dare ask for the number of the 2 women I was messaging with out of over 50 women I attempted to contact on Cougar Life. You know, I was super excited to actually get some action on the site, but it was bad action. I should have had a lot more success judging by the effort I put in.

Cost To Join

Cougarlife.com in another hookup site that claims to be free, but they are far from it. They don’t even post their membership costs, but all you can do for free is create a profile. You are prompted to pay before you can interact with any cougars. The cost of a membership is $40 a month. You can get away with paying just $29 a month but you have pay 3 months in advance. After almost no success after a month, I wasn’t about to chance 3 months just to save a few bucks. Honestly, it’s not all that common for me to use a site for so long without success. I can’t stand not getting anywhere with sex dating.

First Meeting

There is a chance that you could find a MILF somewhere in the pages and pages of fake profiles and spammers at Cougar Life, but your chances are not very good. It’s a known site, so it might be effective if they went legit, but it looks like most of their efforts are going to the scam.

Company Information

Avid Life Media recently rebranded itself to create an entirely new brand and public persona. They did this due to the Ashley Madison scandal they have going on recently and the horrible publicity that they get. If you need to contact the new company, check out below.

PO Box 67027
Toronto, ON
M4P 1E4

(416) 480-2334


Conclusion: New Look, New Company, Same Story…No Sex

Cougar Life could be such an amazing place to hook up with older women, but so much work is put into the scam that it overshadows any real activity on the site. They’ve recently rebranded the company and they are under new management via Ruby Life Media. Try it for yourself if you have 40 bucks but don’t say I didn’t warn you. There are cougar sites out there that are cheaper and much more effective.

Wanna Know What Works Best? 

I’m going to spare you the pain of searching for sites on your own. If you want to try something that works like a charm then I strongly suggest that you try one of the sites shown below. However, don’t try any without reading the reviews. You need to get a feel for what to expect with each one of them.

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