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CasualIntentions.com Review: My Review As A User

Conclusion: Casual Intentions isn’t good. I’ve used it as a paid user and can confidently say that it’s not worth spending money on this membership. Read below for complete details on the site and my overall experience.

I’ll start by saying that I was a bit taken aback when I saw that the Casual Intentions website had broken links all over the place on their site. The customer service links were broken, privacy policy links, terms, and even the “Contact Us” links. I know I’m getting ahead of myself but I can’t help it. Let me start over again here…

CasualIntentions.com is a casual sex dating site that serves lots of areas globally. They serve members in Australia, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, and the United Kingdom. The main categories of women are BBW, Swinger, Fetish, MILF, Affair, and Granny. I love it when I can easily determine what type of people a site caters to. It’s always refreshing when a site like this makes it obvious that you are here for sex and nothing more.

I won’t use any other type of site besides a casual hookup site or mobile sex app. It’s my favorite type to use, but one thing you must understand is that not every casual sex dating site is the real deal.

My first impression of the site was a good one, but the more I used it, the more it let me down. Check out my full in-depth review where I give you a quick rundown of all the details and why it’s not a great hookup site.

casualintentions.com review

CasualIntentions.com Review

Here’s my full review of Casual Intentions. You’re going to want to read the whole thing if you’re planning on spending any money!

Why I Am Not A Fan At All

I hate to completely bash a site without giving any praise, so I won’t this time, but you must know that the site isn’t what you think. Again, read everything I’ve got to share before deciding to join.

User Interface, Signup Process and More

The CasualIntentions.com layout is fresh and modern and so is the interface. It looks nice and functions nicely as well. A sexy video of a woman rolling around half nude plays in the background and I later realized that this is just a distraction.

It’s simple to sign up. All you have to do is type your name, date of birth, e-mail address, and password. It functions like a social media site and users can type in their diary for other members to see.

There are even some good features like the Encounters feature. This feature allows you to choose a group of women that you would like to be with. You then get a notification if the person ends up liking you as well. The features are decent but none of them lead to connecting with any real women.

Hot Women, But Fake AF

One thing I noticed when I got inside was that the women were beautiful. It wasn’t just a few beautiful women either. Almost every woman on the site looks like a sexy and erotic model.

This made me even more skeptical so I looked closely at the pictures. I found at least two or three pictures of women that I recognized as online models. This tells me that at least some of their profiles are fake.

When a site is this obvious about having fake profiles, it usually turns out that most of their profiles are fake. This suspicion was confirmed when I started receiving messages. First of all, I received a lot of messages which seemed too good to be true. On top of that, I received these messages before I entered any information in my profile or uploaded a picture.

The Bottom Line

Casual Intentions is presented well, but there is no substance to go along with the sleek and sexy look. It’s just a fancy layout with great features that are only there to lure you into paying for a monthly membership.

Sites like this don’t seem to understand that there are enough people out there looking for sex that they don’t have to resort to trying to fool people with fake profiles.

They could go legit and probably have a nice hookup site. Sites like this don’t take chances like that. They would rather set up a trap to take your money and give you no real connections in return. I would avoid this one if I were you.

It would be different if they allowed you to test out the site more for free, but you can’t do anything without paying. Their only motivation is to make sure you pay and they give you just enough to keep you paying but never offer any results.

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