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There’s something that I absolutely hate and that’s seeing shady dating sites exist. Sites like 2Fuck.com continue to develop and grow day after day. I provide reviews on mobile dating apps and websites weekly. However, many of them skip through the cracks. When I saw this site there was no way I was letting it slide on my watch. This dating review is nothing more than my personal opinion and rundown of the site.

I’ll leave it to you to make your own personal judgment after reading my own review. I’ll come right out and say that the company works to simply put marketing techniques in place that I do not agree with. If you want to know the details, then just read below and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

2fuck.com site review

Review of 2Fuck.com And What They Do To Scam People

Today’s review is breaking down 2Fuck and sharing all the ways that they scam users. I really shouldn’t use the word “scam” because it’s more of what most would consider being deceptive marketing. Just remember that this is nothing more than my personal opinion. It’s always best that you put forth the effort to form your own opinion when it comes to meeting people online or via your mobile phone. Now, for the main reasons why I simply can’t stomach this site:

  • I Hate Pops & Redirects
  • Not Free At All
  • Terms Make Me Sick
  • The company Is All Marketing Fluff
  • Ripped Pics

Pops and Redirects Aren’t Your Friends

You’ll notice that I don’t use pop-ups on my blog. That’s because I can’t stand them and I think they are extremely invasive. That being said, the one thing you need to know is that 2Fuck has a pop up in a place that instantly enables your site and makes a pop-up jump out on your screen the second you click the “Join For Free Now!” button.

This happens before you even get signed up for the site and into the 2fuck.com members area. I simply can’t stomach that.

Nope It’s Not Free

The other thing that bothers me about this site is the fact that they claim it’s free but they want your credit card information immediately when you join. Some sites that ask for this are 100% legit in doing so, but not this one. In fact, the terms and conditions point out that you’ll be charged a whopping $49.95 for one membership, $1.95 trial + $39.95 for another membership, and an additional $29.95 for another membership to some adult site. What a huge waste of money!

To be more specific, the billing page reads in fine print, “This charge will appear on your cardholder statement as ‘jersoil.com8775651124 Fountain Blue Limited 42 MOUNT ROAD, CHATHAM, KENT, ME4 5RP.” So be cautious about supplying any billing info here.

2fuck billing page

The Terms Are Crap

If you read further into the website’s terms and conditions you’ll notice that they basically are taking your information and passing it on to whomever they’d like. Yes, you’re agreeing to this in the terms. You know that pre-checked box that was below the join button, that’s what you’re agreeing to.

The site legit does not even have real terms. Instead, they’ve got a stupid checkbox that gives them the right to distribute your email address and spam the crap out of you. No thank you, my friend!

Marketing Is All They Do

The 2Fuck.com website is not a real dating site. It’s simply a marketing front for many other dating membership sites. Here’s what they do. 2Fuck takes your information that you submit to them and they send it to a dozen other dating sites. They do this to help increase the chances of you joining and paying for a dating membership.

If you take a look at the 2Fuck site, you’ll notice that they even use logos such as GQ, Maxim, Playboy, Men’s Health, and even Men’s Fitness to make them look bigger. To be honest, you must not be a sheep! It’s all fluff, nothing more.

Stolen Images

I did a quick reverse image search and noticed that the company even rips photos from adult sites and other sites on the web. Check the image below and you’ll notice that this can be found on many sites such as Pimproll, Exploitedgf, and xbabe. That tells me that it’s not a real girl looking to hook up. Simple as that.

2Fuck.com Image Rip

Conclusion: 2Fuck.com Is A Total Waste Of Time

You will do nothing other than blow your hard-earned money if you join 2Fuck. It’s a simple marketing tactic gone completely wrong and it’s not effective at all. You will never meet and fuck someone using this site. They don’t give a hoot about you or the site you’re really joining. All they want is your money. In fact, I’d chalk this up as almost being catfished in a sense. If you’re not sure what that means, this page explains it all.

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