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hunter moore

Why is Hunter Moore The Most Hated Man on the Internet?

Been getting into some Netflix here before the football season comes into full swing, and I was intrigued by a new series about Hunter Moore, otherwise known as “the most hated man on the Internet.”  Today I’ll tell you what Hunter Moore did to earn this dubious title as well as share my take on the popular Netflix Series with the same title.

This isn’t a spoiler, so go ahead and read this review knowing I won’t give out any details that depict the way the show plays out.

The Most Hated Man on the Internet Review

I don’t often come to my blog to talk about what I watched on television, so this comes as a bit of an off-topic post that veers away from the usual casual encounters talk and other sex blogs I post.  However, this has to do with naked women and the Internet, so I figured this would be something my readers would vibe with.

In this three-part series, I watched as Hunter Moore developed a website called Is Anyone Up, which was a site that basically invented what’s known as “revenge porn.”  This site featured user-submitted photos that were hacked, stolen, or otherwise in the possession of anyone but the people in them!

The series focuses on a pissed-off mother named Charlotte Laws, who as you can probably guess, had a daughter whose nude photos ended up on the website.  Charlotte tried her best to get the photos removed from the website, and the journey follows her attempts at persuading the cocky, in-your-face, and downright savage Moore as this all unfolds.

IsAnyoneUp.com not only posted nude photos of mostly women, but it also linked to any of their known social media accounts.  In many cases, the droves of people who came to the website and saw pictures went and visited the social media accounts (like Facebook) and send lewd messages to them, often calling them whores, sluts, or cunts.

Not to mention the “chats” that happened in the comment section below each photo, where users could essentially discuss each photo and people in the pics to their heart’s desire, talking about what they’d do to them, calling them names, and more, all in an open forum visible to the world.

If you or a loved one ended up on the website run by the Most Hated Man on the Internet, you’d be a bit pissed!

However, let me just take a moment to say that anyone taking nude pics or sending half naked selfies to someone else is always going to be fair game for some revenge porn.  Be VERY careful what you do with your private photos, and who has access to them.  This website and Hunter Moore ruined the parenting arrangement of a woman with three children, mostly because of the lewd acts she performed on the website.

She lost custody and had to battle to get them back, and as she said “they are my world,” so it’s a bit heartbreaking to see that unfold, especially with a villain like Hunter Moore behind the scenes making 10’s of thousands every month from advertising revenue.  At his best, he was generating 30 million monthly page views.

However, these pageviews generated by the King of Revenge Porn cost people/families, jobs, and opportunities in life, not to mention public embarrassment.

Who Is Hunter Moore?

Hunter Moore, of Sacramento, California, started the website IsAnyoneUp.com and is the chief villain in this whole series.

hunter moore

I urge you to check out the series on NetFlix, it’s a good watch.  Then come back and see my post about one of the people featured in the series, someone who goes by the nickname of “Butthole Girl.”  You’ll get a lot more familiar with her as a character and learn a lot about her life.

Update: Hunter Moore was released from prison and is no longer active on any social media accounts. He tries to stay out of the public eye and limelight it seems. Probably the best thing for him considering all the pain and anguish he put females through over the years. 

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