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SwipeBang Review: They Swipe Your Credit Card, That’s About It!

Do you like to bang? Who the hell doesn’t! The Swipe Bang site had me wondering if it was actually possible to meet someone to bang on it. I’ve done all I can to provide the most honest, straightforward, no bullshit review of this dating site possible. Keep reading to learn all about the site and the so-called dating services that they offer.

Swipebang.com Review

My Swipe Bang Review Will Surprise You (In A Bad Way)

I get very leery of dating sites that name themselves after popular apps or social media sites. So, when I first heard of SwipeBang.com, my radar lit up and it turns out it was for good reasons. SwipeBang.com is another brainchild of Nautell Ltd., one of the worst parent companies out there for dating sites. There are tons of shady sites they are connected to like MeetBangNow.com, FreeSnapHookup.com, and even FreeBangBuddies.com. Every dating site that they run and manage has turned out to be a flop, so I wasn’t surprised when I saw the same shady tactics used on SwipeBang.com.

Terms Don’t Lie

The surest way to find out if any dating site uses fraudulent methods is to read their terms of service. I know they’re long and boring, but they will give you a look into exactly what type of company you’re dealing with.

Love Stars Are 100% Fake

The first red flag is that they acknowledge the use of “Love Stars.” Love Stars are fake profiles (not to be confused with catfish profiles) set up to make users think the site is full of hot women looking for action. They are pictures ripped from other places on the internet and they will always match up with your location. Ever wonder why you couldn’t get laid but there are over a thousand women suddenly in your small town looking for sex?

That’s because the computer makes the profile relevant to your location. The information is fake, the pictures are fake, the messages are fake, and if they aren’t run by a bot, they are often run by a third-party contractor paid to get flirty with you in an attempt to have you buy a membership or pay for messaging. You won’t be meeting these supposed women ever, all you’ll be doing is wasting your time chatting to a fake that is there “for entertainment purposes.”

Auto Messaging Is 100% Fake Too

The second red-flag in their terms of service was SwipeBang.com’s use of automatic messaging. Again, this is to keep you interested and engaged in the site and hopefully convince you to upgrade your membership. The only thing that Nautell Ltd. cares about is getting into your wallet, they aren’t in any way interested in getting you laid.

They Own Your Life (Kind of..)

A huge red flag for me was what will happen to any information you enter into your account on SwipeBang.com. If you think you will have any security or privacy while using a Nautell Ltd. site, you’re dead wrong. Once you create a profile, your information belongs to this parent company. See image below for details. They are then legally allowed to do with it whatever they want, including cross-posting it to other sites they own, adding in or deleting out any information, and combining your information with someone else’s to make a new profile, or “Love Star.” It might not seem like this could be legal, but I assure you, once you click “Accept” on their site, they pretty much own you and there isn’t a thing you can do about it. That’s why it really does pay to read over the terms of service.

Swipe Bang Terms

The Costs To Join

Maybe you’d still like to join and give SwipeBang.com a try. I have to warn you that it won’t be cheap and if you’re not careful, you will be stuck in an auto-renewal cycle that is difficult to get out of. One month of membership will cost you $49.95. You will also be automatically registered for a monthly membership to VibeVideo.com for $39.61 and a monthly membership to VideoErotic.com for $28.87. That is over $100 a month to be sent nothing but fake messages. Why waste your time and your money?

Conclusion: Swipebang.com Sucks, Best To Try Something Else

How else do I put this, Swipe Bang knows how to lure men in. They fill their landing page with hotties, ask you quick and easy questions, and make it seem like the site is hopping with sexy women looking for NSA action. However, this is nothing but smoke and mirrors made to lure unsuspecting and lonely men into a never-ending cycle of fake, automatic messages and high-priced subscriptions to things they don’t really want.

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