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MeetBangNow Review: A Warning To Consumers!

Having spent the day with a raging headache, the last thing that I wanted to do was learn that I had been burned by some shady dating site. The site I’m sharing with you today is called MeetBangNow and there’s really nothing good to share about it. In fact, all I’ve got to say are bad things because it cost me money and time. Nevertheless, here’s what you want to know about the site and why.

MeetBangNow Review

MeetBangNow Gets Exposed – Details Below

Okay, needless to say, I’m a bit ticked off that I even wasted my time with this site. But the truth be told, Meetbangnow.com really knows how to draw in those men that are desperate, lonely, and horny. They try to present themselves as being one of those free fuck sites to meet people, perhaps the winner of the year, but they’re nothing of the sort!

Between the suggestive name and the landing page full or sexy ladies showing off their ample assets, it’s easy to see why someone in a sexual brain fog might quickly click “I Agree” to the terms of service before they’ve stopped to read them.

Please, I repeat, PLEASE, take the time to keep reading this article to find out why I think Meetbangnow.com is a complete and total scam. If you do decide to dive deeper, please be sure to read their terms and conditions as well!

As Shady/Negative As It Gets

Shady adult dating sites will often use the same types of schemes to keep members engaged and paying for their services. Meetbangnow.com is no different and is actually part of a parent group known for its deceitful practices. Don’t believe me? Well take the time to search for “Nautell” and you’ll see that they make a ton of money by scamming clueless people with multiple sexually explicit dating sites that just draw unsuspecting men in.

I’ve shared the search results below. You’ll see that some sites such as RipoffReport.com, Datingcop.com, DatingBusters.com, and TheOnlineDatingScams.com have all reported on this company and it’s not good at all. See directly below and understand that I’m not the only one reporting negatively about this website.

MeetBangNow Search Results

They Use Fake Profiles

One of the methods that these sites use is fake profiles. Often, they will have some cutesy names like “Love Cupids” or in the case of Meet Bang Now, “Love Stars.” There is nothing cutesy about them, though, as they are either completely bot driven or are third-party employees paid to talk to you. They are always fake/stolen pictures and none of what they say to you is legit.

They are only there to make the site look fun and full of sexy women, and to keep you upgrading your membership, or paying them more money, in hopes of a meeting. These people could be men, women, or anything in between, and they will never, ever meet you.  Another site that uses these love stars is FuckSwipe.com. I hate them too.

While the fake profiles are pretty bad, the next way Meetbangnow.com tries to con you is very shady.

They Spam You

Most of us know that when something says it will be free, they’re probably not being completely truthful. Meetbangnow.com is no different. Joining might be free, but you’re certainly not going to get anything from the site. They will be getting something from you, though.

Once you enter your email address, you are the property of Meetbangnow.com and they can do whatever they want with your information. This includes spamming your inbox like crazy and there is nothing you can do to stop it.

And please do not fall for their “Credit Card Authentication” scam. This is supposedly used to verify that you’re an adult, but it is just a way for the site to get your digits and start charging you for whatever they see fit. And let me tell you, it is not cheap!

If you’re not eagle-eyed, you’ll miss that they pre-check a little box that allows them to do this. This little box will cost you over $100 a month! I hate to say this but in this case, you’d be better off using a Backpage substitute on this list instead of this garbage.

Real Costs To Join

The hard costs of joining this site are a lot.

This includes the following options all of which I’d stay away from:

• A two-day trial for free that auto-renews at $49.95 monthly
• A two-day trial for mobile access that auto-renews at $39.61 monthly
• A three-week trial for porn at Erotic Video that auto-renews at $28.87 monthly

Conclusion: MeetBangNow Will Not Help You Bang

It might sound like the things that Meetbangnow.com offers you are wonderful. But what they offer is nothing that other top dating sites offer, and those sites even do it for a much lower price tag. Don’t let their claims of “Top Search Results Placement,” “Live Chat Instant Messenger,” or “Smart Match Detection” fool you.

The only things you’re getting with Meetbangnow is frustration, fake matches, and much less money in your wallet. Avoid this site and any site run by parent company Nautell and you’ll be thanking me.

Where do you turn then? Well, there are LOTS of other solid dating options for you if you’re serious about hooking up with someone locally. I’ve done something to help you find a quick solution. Take a peek at the list below and choose one. They all work, they’re premium sites, and you will get laid. You’re welcome!

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