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FuckSwipe.com Review: Love Stars, Fake Messages, And Dirty Scams!

If I see “women you know are sharing naked pictures on our site” one more time, I think I’m going to scream. Fuck Swipe displays these words proudly. If you are not familiar with sex dating sites, then you don’t know that statements like this are on a hundred bogus dating sites. It’s the same site with a different name. Not all of them suck but lots are terrible.

FuckSwipe also has the typical statement “get laid for a lifetime 100% free.” My favorite is “registration is free and available for a limited time.” If registration is only available for a limited time, then why is it always open for joining?

I can answer that.

It’s because it’s just another dating site that makes big promises and doesn’t deliver. As a matter of fact, this site does nothing for you at all but rip you off. They are very expensive and even have a lot of hidden fees that will leave you broke.

Check out the details in my full review below and see how I came to the conclusion that Fuck Swipe is not a good dating site and will do absolutely nothing for your sex life. All you can hope to accomplish is emptying your pocketbook.

fuck swipe reviews

My Experience Using Fuck Swipe (Personal Opinion)

I did not have high hopes for Fuck Swipe going in because the site is so similar to shit I’ve seen. I have seen this same layout on so many bogus sites that I lost count. I’ll tell you exactly what they do too.

What happens is this company buys a bunch of domain names associated with dating and hooking up. They use a template, half ass database platform, and populate all the sites with fake profiles. The site then incorporates scripts that send you automated messages and responses. They do this to fool you. You get charged an expensive recurring charge for a membership and you spend all your time interacting with a computer hoping to find a real date. It’s sad really.

I knew all of this about the site before I ever entered it, but I went in and looked around anyway. Everything I found only served to prove what I had suspected when I first laid eyes on the site. They use something called “Love Stars.” If you have ever come across shitty dating sites, you have probably heard this term. They admit that this is the term they use to describe their fake user profiles and computer-generated messages. In fact, the site claims that it’s for entertainment purposes and is meant to encourage you to use the website. I want to be encouraged to use the site by real women in my area, not some stupid computer algorithm.

All this plus it costs a lot of money that you are charged without you knowing it if you are not careful. Read my experience below and see how I avoided over $100 in charges.

My Experience

The biggest warning sign came when I was signing up. They started asking for my credit card information. You should be suspicious if a site that claims to be 100% free asks for your credit info. They claim it is to verify your identity and prove that you are over 18, but they assume that you will not look at the fine print. I looked to the right of the page and saw some words that were a little hard to see. Words that they hope you will just skip right past.

These words inform you that, when you enter your info, you will be charged for FuckSwipe.com as well as two other porn sites. Just the site itself charges you 50 bucks and the other two equal to about 70. That’s over $100 I was about to be charged if I clicked that button to move on. Needless to say, I did not click that button. I left the site and will never return. This is about as far from free as you can get.


They have a questionnaire with a couple naughty questions on it that you fill out when you sign in that makes it obvious to a potential mate what you are here for. Sadly, there is no potential mates on this site. You might end up talking to a real person, but they likely work for the company. Besides the computer-generated messages and fake profiles, they also hire their employees to contact users to encourage them to keep using the site.

Company Information

Here’s a rundown of everything you need to know about the company behind this dating scam.

1 Mitsi Building 1
1st floor
Office 4 Plateia Eleftherias
Nicosia Cyprus 1060


Phone Number:

Conclusion: Fuck Swipe Just Swipes Your Cash And That’s It

I have given you more than enough reasons to avoid visiting FuckSwipe.com. Its generic layout is just like a hundred other fake dating sites. They admittedly create fake profiles with the typical term “Love Stars” and send you fake correspondence. All that, plus it’s very expensive compared to other dating sites and charges you for two other porn sites you didn’t ask for. If that’s not reason enough to stay away from this site, I don’t know what is.

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