When you visit the hookup site Established Men, it tells you that interesting men can connect with young, beautiful women on the site. Let’s face it. It’s just a fancy way of saying that they connect sugar daddies with sugar babies. It’s a site for gold diggers, but many guys don’t mind gold diggers if they are into being sugar daddies. The bad thing about this site is that they care more about scamming you than connecting you with anyone. After all, most of the dating sites that Avid Life Media creates are a complete waste of money.

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My Awful Experience Using The Established Men Dating Site

Established Men uses many of the same practices as most other fraudulent dating sites use. They lure you in with false promises and let you look around thinking that you can use the site for free. Then you start getting messages and you can’t read them or respond unless you pay for a membership. For this site, that is a big leap to take because the price is pretty steep. I took that leap and all I got was nothing but pure disappointment. The flirty messages stop once you pay for a membership. If the women didn’t ignore me completely, they were fake generated messages. I was hoping this site would be different but it’s not.

They also do another thing that is pretty standard among fake hookup sites. They create fake profiles featuring pictures of gorgeous women to convince you to join. In reality, the women in these pictures are either models or random pictures of users that they purchased from other dating sites. In other words, your chances of meeting these women are non-existent. If you do end up talking to a real girl, you will have to search through a lot of fake profiles and messages which takes time. The more time that goes by, the more you have to pay. Results are lacking at best. The girls are even as hot as they should be and the security certainly isn’t up to snuff by a long shot. You can’t forget the trouble the owners got into after leaking millions of users personal information when having an affair.

Messages Will Fool You

Even though I always remain skeptical, I was a little excited by some of the initial messages I received. Once I was able to open them up and read them, they were pretty promising and the girls were absolutely gorgeous. I responded and it was just as I suspected. I either got no answer at all or weird messages that had nothing to do with the message that I sent to them. These particular messages were obviously computer generated and sent to me automatically. There is nothing I hate more than computer generated messages.

Calls With Money Hungry Girls

I chuckle a little bit as I write this section because I never came anywhere close to having a phone conversation. I would have liked to have spoken with at least one money chasing chick but nope, nada, not a single call! I have had more luck going to the grocery store than I did spending money to be a member of EstablishedMen.com. If you happen to go to the site and talk with an actual person on the phone, you will have far more luck than I did. I spent a lot more time and money using this site than I wanted to and if I could turn back time I would!

The Cost To Join

One of the least appealing things about Established Men is the high price. It’s not worth taking a chance on unless you know it’s legit. I’m telling you right now that it’s not worth it. They also prompt you to purchase additional credits in order to be on the top of searches or be highlighted for more exposure. This is just more ways to get your money. If you still want to try it, you’ll be paying a whopping $79 a month for an intro membership that comes with 100 credits, $49 a month when you pay 3 months in advance and comes with 300 credits or $25 a month when you pay a year in advance and comes with 3,000 credits.

First Meeting

Oh please., if you are a wealthy man with plenty of time on your hands, you might end up getting to a first date using this site after a year, then again you probably won’t. Even after paying high membership costs and paying for extra perks with credits, you are more likely to have the experience that I did. That experience means never getting laid and definitely never going on a first date.

Conclusion: This Established Men Dating Site Is A Complete Scam Along With Other Avid Media Sites 

Feel free to try it if you like because you might find a money-hungry girl eventually if you search long enough and pay enough money. I do not recommend going down that road. EstablishedMen.com is a time waster and it’s extremely expensive. You have to work too hard trying to find real people and that is just not a good investment. To be honest, I even went as far as taking nootropics to help focus and search faster in hopes that I could save money and meet money hungry hoes to bang. Honestly, you are better off using a typical generic casual dating site where you have to pay upfront, but at least you won’t have to waste a lot of time trying to get past a site’s scamming practices. On top of the high membership price, they find additional ways to squeeze more money out of you and do little or nothing to increase your chances of finding someone to hook up with.

Do any other wealthy dating sites work?

The best dating site that I’ve used for hooking up with women that want wealthy guys is a site called Wealthymen. I’ve used Wealthymen.com for about a year now and although I’m not a millionaire, I do make enough money to support myself and any of the girls that I wine, dine and fuck from behind! Check the site out when you get a chance!

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