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Snap Nudes Review: Awful Snapchat Email Scam To Avoid At All Costs

We all love sending and receiving snapchat nudes right? Of course, we do! Well, there’s a site that I recently came across called Snap Nudes and after investigating things, I had to share my thoughts on it. The network is one that attempts to profit off of people with a common liking of sending nude snaps to people. This isn’t what you think it is, not even close, to be quite honest. I’ve done my part to test snapnudes.co and I now can confirm that the site’s awful. Here’s everything you need to know about the site.

snap nudes site review

Snap Nudes Dating Scam Revealed

When you visit this site, you’re going to think that you can have sex with horny locals in your area. That’s because of all the fake images that are posted all over the site. what I mean by that is there are no girls which are displayed above the fold that actually want to hook up with you. Heck, they won’t even send you any snaps.

It’s 100% a scam and I can almost guarantee that these girls are not members of this Snapnudes.co website.

snap nudes screenshot

BUT WAIT, there’s more nonsense to share…

Keep scrolling down and you’ll come across some text that reads,

Instantly snap nudes, sext, and meet horny users in your area that want to meet for sex. Thousands of new users join our site daily. Sign up and a hookup fast and easy.

If you think that there are thousands of people joining this site every day, then you’re a complete moron. In fact, the people that visit this website don’t even join this site at all.

No Free Access

How do I know? Well, if you click the “Request Free Access” button, the page opens up to a new window which kicks off a questionnaire form. You can go through the motions of running through this questionnaire and you’ll eventually end up on a completely different website.

They Will Send Constant Offers

The site collects your email address to submit your email to a ton of dating sites that you didn’t want to join. They then redirect you to a website called snapnudes.securesaferoute.com. This is not the same site that you originally joined. Not even close!

So at this point, you’ve provided them with your email address and they’ve likely signed you up for a half dozen memberships at a bunch of sites that they own. On top of that, they’ll try and get a hold of your credit card information by coming up with some age verification nonsense.

Be Ready To Pay

At that point, you’ve bought into this scam and it’s going to take forever to get your money back. Trust me, they’ll charge you an arm and a leg. I’m talking $100+ per month and not even for dating sites but additional sites featuring xxx videos and more.

snap nudes credit card scam

Terms Suck

I took a look at the terms and conditions of this website and they claim to not make any guarantees that you will get lucky or hook up with anyone you meet on the site. They also make it clear that this is for entertainment purposes only. Check out the shady terms below.

Snapnudes TOS

Love Stars

This website incorporates the use of Love Stars which are essentially fake dating profiles scattered throughout the Snap Nudes network. In other words, you cannot meet these people or even chat with them. They are fakes, 100% bots, not even people in a real office or anything. Don’t drink the Kool-Aid, they suck, trust me!

Not The Only Scam

If you think that this is the only snap scam, then you’re out of your mind. There are quite a few dating sites taking advantage of Snapchat users and the branding power that’s out there. In fact, I’ve provided a list of sites here to share the other snap chat style scams that exist. You’ll want to either read these reviews or avoid the sites completely. The snap sites to avoid are SnapSex.co, Snapsext.netSnapfuck.coSnapleaksWiki.com and a few more, but that should keep you busy.

Conclusion: Snap Nudes Is Really Bad – Avoid It!

If you think that you’re going to get lucky using the Snapnudes.co website, then you’re absolutely insane. There’s zero value here and in fact, I truly believe that this will cause you more of a headache than anything. If you want to join a site that’s connected to Snapchat, doesn’t involve fake users or crazy charges, then try this network. Trust me, it’s better than all the rest.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this…

If you decide to join any network, you need to know how to properly send and receive Snapchat nudes. If you’re not sure how to effectively do this, then you may want to check out my Snapchat nudes guide. It contains all the information that you need to know!

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