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SnapleaksWiki Review: Another Snapchat Related Scam

Every so often I come across these Snapchat style sites that do next to nothing for users. What I like to do is give a full analysis and breakdown of the wannabe Snapchat sites. Today I’ve got a site to share with you named Snapleakswiki. It’s not what you think and I’m here to prove exactly what it is to save you time and money.

Given that Snapleaks.wiki is not the only one out there doing this, I want to encourage that you let me know if you come across a similar site that you contact me, immediately.

Now that we’ve covered that, it’s time for me to analyze the entire Snapleakswiki website and everything that they do in an A to Z fashion.

Snapleakswiki Reviews

My Rundown Of Snapleakswiki (Onboarding Scam)

Here’s the entire process that I went through using this fake snap dating website. But first, let me share a few things about the site that I notice from the first 30 seconds of landing on the site.

The very first thing that I learned about this site was that they do not have any contact information displayed at all. Not even a single link. In fact, none of the links work on the homepage at all.

You’ll notice that the site reads, “Search leaked snapchats” which is not even humanly possible to do. They then go into greater detail as to what a snapleak is and why they consider themselves to be the wiki leaks of Snapchat.

Don’t let these icons fool you one bit, you cannot really search leaked Snapchats and you definitely cannot save the snaps that they claim. They claim that they hack a third party app called Snapsave and that they are able to gain access to 18+ millions of snaps. They also claim to be able to hack into the iCloud and rip peoples snaps.

The good news is that none of this is true. It’s literally just a way for them to entice consumers to fill the submit form out and take action.

The Scam

So, what this site does is about as simple as it gets…

Step 1) They present hot users on the homepage and above them they showcase an email submit form.

Step 2) They require that you submit your email address to get access to the website. This doesn’t happen though.

Step 3) Soon as you have submitted your email address, the site redirects you to another page. That page contains jargon requiring human verification. They present some offer for a $1,000 Amazon Giftcard.

Step 4) Once you click that yellow button, you’re redirected to another page that basically showcases a crappy fake offer. (See below)

snapleakswiki step 2

I guess my point is simple, this site does absolutely nothing for you with regards to hooking you up with people. It doesn’t share any leaked Snapchats, nudes, or anything either.

If you’re looking to join a site that has real people who send nude snapchats to one another, then check out this snapsext website.

Whatever you do, you must not bother with this site right here as well as the snapfuck.co website. It’s VERY important that you not give those last two sites any money, they will scam you, I can almost guarantee it.

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