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Snapsext.net Isn’t What You Think… (A Typical Marketing Tactic)

I’ve been using Snapsext.com for years and over those years I’ve come across a number of imposters. See, there are some sites that are good and others that simply try and ride the coattails of those that are winners. One site that does just that is Snapsext.net.

I’m going to explain exactly what is happening here and why. Don’t worry, all you need to know is that the original Snapsext.com (see my official review here) works like a charm and is NOT connected with the .net website.

Now, let me explain what’s going on here, why, and how…

Based on some of the research that I’ve done I was able to determine that this site is not owned and operated by the same company that owns the official Snapsext dating network.

How so? Well, the first thing that I did was take a look at the site itself. It was nothing but a terrible landing page that was meant to attract users with mobile phones. It’s literally just a landing page that leads to a completely different website.

snapsext.net review

snapsext banner

When you click the blue okay button, it redirects you to another page that reads as if 248 women are within a 10-mile radius of your exact location. They also claim that registration is free for a limited amount of time, specifically 12 minutes and one second. They require that you click the “I Accept” button to confirm that you’re old enough to use adult dating apps and websites.

snapsext.net redirect

The kicker…

Once you click the I accept button, you’re asked to answer a number of questions, three specifically which are related to body type, age, and location. The answers mean absolutely nothing at all. In fact, if you go ahead and simply answer these questions regardless of them, you’ll eventually be sent to a page that states that you’re eligible to sign up.

The girls are not within the radius that they claim they are in. You’ll somehow be persuaded to click the “Agree” button at the bottom of the page. Well, this is not an internal link. Instead, it’s a random link that leads you to a site called Snaphookup. I can promise you that you will not end up getting laid using the Snaphookup.com website.

Snaphookup.com scam

Looking for more information on the real Snapsext.com website and all other sites that actually work? Great, then I suggest you read some of the reviews posted below. Trust me, if you do, it’ll be the smartest thing you do all week! Don’t waste a single second, just read and register the one that is most appealing to you. That’s all you need to do, nothing more, nothing less.

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