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SextFriend Review: No Sexting Friends, Just $150 In Credit Card Charges…

I recently came across the website called Sextfriend.com. I’m here writing on SexDatingApps.com today to share a full report of everything I learned about SextFriend and why you shouldn’t spend time using it.

Yes, I realize it’s a rather negative stance and approach but you’ll understand once you read between the lines just like I’ve done. I was hopeful that this was going to be different from all the other sexting scams but nope, no chance of that. It was an utter disappointment and all because of the following things that I discovered and shared below.

Here’s everything you need to know about this network.

  • No Sexting
  • Ripped Images
  • False Promises
  • Fake Questions
  • Email Capture For Spamming
  • Unverified Testimonials
  • Redirect Scam
  • Unwanted Credit Card Charges

sextfriend homepage

My Full Analysis of SextFriend.com

If you’re planning on using the SextFriend website, then you better read this. Don’t make the mistake that millions have made, seriously. If you do it will cost you a ton of money and time you’ll NEVER get back. So take five minutes to read this and you can thank me later…

No Sexting At All

The first thing that I want to confirm with you is that you’re never going to sext anyone using sextfriend.com. In fact, the site is nothing but a marketing gimmick and cover for sending you to other sites. Therefore, you shouldn’t expect to meet any girls here for any online sexting fun.

The Images May Be Stolen

While I cannot 100% verify that this is the case, but I believe that some of the marketing images used on sextfriend may be stolen, ripped, or purchased. Take for example this Asian girls image (blurred partially to keep SFW). You will find that the image is also on a site called mycuteasian – proof below from the reverse image search. That’s enough proof for me.

stolen images on sextfriend

Lots Of False Promises Here

This website makes the following promises stating, “Find a Sexting Buddy in Minutes” and “Unlimited Free Sexting.” Well, I’ll have you know that this is completely false. They will not and cannot help you find a sexting buddy because they don’t have any “buddies” to connect you with since it’s a marketing site. Also, the “unlimited” and “free” is so deceiving it’s unreal.

Nothing is free when it comes to these sexting sites, especially the ones that actually work and help you get laid. If you do stubbornly decide to join this site, you’ll quickly realize that there is no such thing as free here. It’s all false and clouds of smoke – don’t believe the hype!

marketing lies on sextfriend

Questions Mean Nothing

I went through the process of clicking the green “Start Sexting” image and it will lead you to a run of questions that literally mean nothing. They are 100% fake and the answers you give have zero impact on where they send you. It’s to get you to take acton and think that you’re actually a part of the decision making process. Forget about it, you’ll just be wasting your time if and when you answer these questions.

They Want Your Info

SextFriend attempts to collect your email address because they want to send you a bunch of shady and spammy dating offers. They just want you to spend money on joining lots of sites that don’t work. Don’t give them your email address.

SextFriend Testimonials

The testimonials on the website are crap and unverifiable. It’s a bunch of text with a first name applied to that testimonial. YAWN…not buying it.

sextfriend testimonials

Redirects / CC Charges

Okay, so let’s say you make it this far and you provide your email address. They will eventually send you to a couple of different websites to get you to take even more action. One of which is SnapNudes and they will attempt to charge you $100+ if you go through this process.

You will end up on the join form that reads as $0.00 – No Charge! but they most certainly will end up taking you for close to $150 if you don’t cancel your subscription here.

credit card form

Conclusion: SextFriend.com Is A Scam – Avoid It!

There’s no reason for you to use the SextFriend website. It’s not going to help you hook up with anyone. If anything, you’ll end up spending a ton of money on fake dating sites and likely fighting issues with not being able to cancel subscriptions due to ridiculous cancel protocols. Avoid this site. If you want to sext real people, then you’ve got plenty of options. However, my suggestion would be to start here first.

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