HookupApps.com is being acquired by SexDatingApps.com


Ryan Malone, Founder of Sex Dating Apps, a leading blog about navigating the world of meeting people for casual encounters, is pleased to announce the acquisition of HookupApps.com, a domain previously owned by the Encounter Group, LLC, a publisher of dating advice. The website has provided value for readers for many years who are considering the intriguing, yet dangerous world of hook up apps.

The acquisition was made prior to the Memorial Day holiday weekend, and it allows Sex Dating Apps to expand it’s services by offering a larger database of information for people looking for information about dating, hooking up, meeting people, or finding adult kinks.

The team at Sex Dating Apps covers the danger of using escort sites, how to travel to third world countries and find pleasure, and recommends websites and apps that offer casual hook up encounters, all while advising to side with caution along the way.

The Encounter Group has moved on from publishing hook up content and will instead use it’s other assets to continue to build web content about sexual desires.

Sex Dating Apps intends on continuing it’s run as the premier publisher of sex topics, including hook up tips, and why people should avoid escort sites on the Internet.

About Hook Up Apps

Hook Up Apps was an original content publisher of advice on how to hook up using apps and websites. The blog helped lead 100’s of thousands of users navigate the web in a mission to find sexual encounters and meet people.

About Sex Dating Apps

SexDatingApps.com continues its reign as one of the largest publishers of adult hook up advice on the web and also covers pick up tips, sex travel advice, and how to guides to help men and women have better sexual experiences.

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