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Quick Flirt Review: Chat And Flirt With Fake Users

Came across a new chat and flirt style site that I wanted to investigate the other day. It looked decent so I joined. The site was called Quick Flirt and it looked pretty promising. Quick Flirt says ready, steady, flirt. Everything from the website design to their approach is hip and obviously trying to appeal to a younger crowd. The question is, does it work?

I checked it out for myself and I’ve got some bad news for you, they ran the same scam that most of the other horrible dating sites run. I wasn’t surprised to find out that they are affiliated with an entire network of scam websites and they all share info with each other. They do this all just to get you to pay for a membership so you can talk to computer automated messages and attempt to contact women who don’t exist.

For those who like audio, watch this video review:

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quick flirt review

My Experience at Quick Flirt And How They Scam Members

If you have never heard of Quick Flirt, you may have heard of other hookup sites like Flirt.com, BeNaughty.com, Loveaholics.com, or CheekyLovers.com. All of them are connected and part of the same network.

They swap profile information with each other so they can create a realistic-looking database of users. They also share the same scamming practices and many of them stem from that database.

They send out fake messages to get you to pay for a membership and even pay their employees to maintain the fake profiles and interact with users to get them to continue using the site. If you have ever been scammed by a dating site, these practices are not new.

Terms Tell All

If you want proof that this site shares your pictures, profile info, and even message content with other sites, all you have to do is check out Quick Flirt’s terms and conditions. Here is where they state that, when you sign in, you authorize them to reproduce your profile any way they see fit and share it with their partner sites.

They know that many men breeze right through the sign-up process and never stop to look at the fine print. You should always check the fine print before paying money for a site like this and you will certainly pay quite a bit to use it.

Suspicious Chat And Flirt Messaging

I went a little slow through the sign-up process because I was doing other things and I noticed that I started getting message notifications and girls supposedly checking out my profile.

This was strange because I had not even uploaded a picture yet and there was very little personal info. I had to pay for a membership before I could write them back and I got 2 answers out of about 20 girls.

After completing my profile, I got some more messages that looked just like the first batch I got. They were obviously computer-generated messages and none of them were very conversational at all.

Phone Calls w/ Members

You are no more likely to have a phone conversation with anyone you meet at Quick Flirt as you are on any of the other sites on their dating network.

These sites are all set up with the sole purpose of taking your money and make the process as automated as possible so they don’t even have to interact with you to scam you.

I went as far as contacting the site to call them out on these practices and they had nothing to say to me. It’s pretty evident that there is so much money in this that they don’t give a fuck about the consumer.

How Much Does It Cost?

If you really want to give your wallet a beating then you can do so for very short money at first. Then you will get hit with the high rebill charges. You can obtain a 3-day trial membership to Quick Flirt for only $4.47 but you should expect nothing but stalling and hassle for those 3 days.

Just enough to keep you around to pay $39.99 a month. You can also get 3 months of membership for $83.97 or 6 months of membership for $119.94. If I got nothing but bogus messages and scamming in a month, I’m not sure why I would pay anywhere near a hundred dollars to try it for any longer. To be honest, this monthly charge is a little high even if you could actually get a date.

Never Met Anyone

I had no first meeting with anyone at QuickFlirt.com because none of the flirts got past the messaging stage. It would be a fluke if you actually met someone on the site because almost all the users on this website are most likely fake or they are well-compensated employees posing as hot single women looking to have sex.

Let’s be honest, you are not going to fuck any of these ugly employees. They are probably sitting around some grubby office eating shitty food and typing away in a huge room like a pack of wild animals or an international call center. It’s complete bullshit.

Conclusion: Quick Flirt Is A Quick Way To Waste Your Money

It might be fairly cheap to try Quick Flirt out for 3 days but they have it set up so nothing will ever transpire in that time period and you will be forced to pay for a full month membership. At that point, nothing is going to continue to happen and instead, you’ll be stuck jerking off listening to some slob employee on the phone or via video for way too much money.

The bottom line is that the site does not work if you want to meet girls. There are too many fake profiles and bogus messages and it costs too much money to stick around and sort through them all. This site puts on a good front, but it’s clear that they only want your money and make no effort to get you a date.

Don't Join Quick Flirt

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