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Cheekylovers Review & Login Process Revealed

I’m going to come right out and say it, CheekyLovers is not what you think it is. I took some time to review the site and learned everything there is to know about Cheekylovers.com. Trust me, you won’t be so “cheeky” once you find out exactly what this company has in place to rob you of your time and money. Pay close attention buddy, because I’m only going to share this experience once and hopefully put it completely behind me. Let’s kick things off with the features that this site claims to offer their poor users.

Cheeky Lovers Site Features

  • Messaging – Wow, you can chat with people, how crazy is that, lol.
  • Browsing – OMG! They allow you to browse through members too! So 21st century and high-tech.
  • Foolish Pokes/Winks – Pinch poke, leave me alone bot.
  • Friends List – They allow you to create a list of friends, but you won’t find any here.
  • Chat Sessions – Chatting costs money so don’t think you’re getting something for nothing.

Enough about the basic site features, let me get to the bottom of things in my review.

Cheekylovers.com Site Review

My CheekyLovers Official Review Reveals It All

I guess I’ll kick my Cheecklovers.com review off by saying that not all dating sites are equal. Some of them totally suck and others are a gift that you’ll never be able to walk away from. There are some companies out there that will do just about anything to get their hands on your money.

In fact, they don’t even give a crap about you actually hooking up or meeting anyone. It’s typical business for some and you’ve got to know what to look for in this online dating world that we live in. One thing I can confidently say is that this isn’t a site that’s out for your best interests. Find out why I say that below…

There are some things that this site simply does which totally pisses me off. It’s unethical, ridiculous and although legal, totally immoral IMO. The site is owned and operated by a company called the Together Networks Limited. This is a company that’s actually been around for years and the owner of the company has been working in online dating for a very long time. I

f you’re interested in researching the company and getting in touch with them, all you need to do is send an email to support@cheekylovers.com and you’ll find someone to speak with.

The standard login process for this site is a piece of cake, because they want you to join with ease. However once you get inside, you literally cannot do a damn thing!

As for some of the things that I hate about this website, here’s a list of stuff.

Staff Profiles
Auto Pop Notification
Activity Alerts
Free Is Limited
Price Changes

The Site Creates Profiles

I’ll start with the ridiculous aspect of this entire website, the “Staff Profiles.” If you don’t know what those are, they are literally profiles that staff members use to connect with free and paid members.

Yes, there is a team of people in an office communicating with you like they’re real users trying to meet for sex. How low is that of a company? Unbelievable behavior and totally unacceptable if you ask me.

Annoying Auto Notifications

The site uses auto messaging notifications to entice users to connect with others. They do this to encourage real user activity within the member’s area. The problem is that there aren’t that many real members using the site.

In addition to that, the pop ups are so damn annoying I can’t stand it. It’s like using your iPhone and being in a group text that you don’t want to get notifications about. The absolute pits I say!

Activity Alerts

So here is how these activity alerts work. The site admin alerts you of people or perhaps staff profiles doing things such as checking you out, sending winks, messages and all that other stupid stuff.

The kicker with this is that the company doesn’t let you take full action until you’ve upgraded your membership status from free to premium. In other words, they want your money to be able to talk to these staff members, lol.

Free? No Such Thing!

Nothing in life is free. You’re giving up your time to join a website and this one is nothing to get excited about. The free membership doesn’t get you anything. I’m talking, absolutely nothing at all other than a registration name. Huge time suck.

Price Can Change

If you look at their terms and conditions, the company has the right to change the prices on you any time that they want. What I mean by that is you’ve got zero clout when it comes to paying other than providing your credit card info. Simple as that and if they want to charge you more the next month, they can do so without having to even let you know.

Conclusion: CheekyLovers Is A Ripoff and Scam

Unless you like communicating with staff and employees in an office, then you should stay away from this website. The site literally offers nothing that I find valuable, absolutely nothing. The site couldn’t look any more cookie cutter either. Whether you’re paying $4.47 for a trial or $95.94 for a six-month membership, you’re wasting money.

If you want to join a few sites that don’t incorporate the use of fake members and that actually work, try these here. That’s my ultimate list of dating sites that work.

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