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JustBang Review: No Banging, Just Banking Issues, Trust me!

After spending time attempting to hook up on Justbang.com, I’m now ready to talk about the experience. You might not like what I have to say about this “just sex” site but I’m letting the cat out of the bag regardless. So here’s the thing with this JustBang website, it’s not real.

Sure, when you start doing searches online for “sex app,” “sex site,” “local sex,” “just sex,” and other terms of that nature you’ll likely end up on this website. However, what you need to know is that it has nothing to do with the fact that this is a great site – because it’s not. Don’t worry, I’ve uncovered everything about the site below. Just please take a moment to read this review and learn all about it before it costs you a ton of money.

JustBang reviews

My JustBang.com Review Reveals All

The first thing I’ll call out about this site is that it’s most certainly not the “#1 Adult Sex Dating App” like they claim to be. If anything, it’s perhaps #1000 or the bottom of the barrel if you know what I mean.

Why does it suck so bad? Because it’s not going to get you laid and it will cost you a ton of money. Here’s everything that I uncovered while checking it out. Before I go through this entire site from top to bottom, I want you to know that using this is not half as bad as using the erotic review or escort babylon – those types of sites are still way worse.

Anyway, back to the details of this awful Justbang.com network…

Fake Girls

You’ll notice that there are some girls in photos on the top of the page. Guess what, these are most likely fake and not associated with the Justbang dating network. They are either stolen pics or purchase perhaps. I don’t know which but my guess is they’re not really members of any website.

justbang homepage girls

Cheesy Video

Notice that cheesy video half way down the Just Bang homepage? That’s simply a marketing video that they shot to convince you to join. Please don’t believe a thing that’s said or mentioned in this video. The guy is doing nothing but trying to get you to join. Don’t believe the hype here.

Stupid Articles

If you scroll to the very bottom of the site, you’ll notice that the homepage has links to articles featuring photos of Justin Timberlake, Mila Kunis, and Stephen Hirsch the owner of Vivid Entertainment. These people likely did not approve of using these photos and the site is just trying to illegally fill itself with content to attract more gullible people.

Associated With Scam Network

When I went through the site, I learned that this was 100% associated with a scam network that does nothing but rips people off and causes them to want to connect with chatbots and fake profiles.

Fake Questions

Eventually, if you click a Join button on JustBang, you’ll end up going through some fake questionnaire. The answers mean nothing here and you’ll regret wasting a single second using this website.

just bang question survey


When you get to the end, you will end up being redirected to a site called Just Bang Now aka JustBangNow.com which isn’t associated with this original Just Bang site. Please do everything you can to not use this up to this point.

Crazy Charges

You’ll be asked for age verification with this and along with doing that comes the $0.00 charges. But guess what, they will not stop there. You’ll end up being charged an insane amount of money for a completely different website. The charges will add up to roughly $150/mo.

Justbang.com age verification

Conclusion: JustBang.com Does NOT Work

If you’re planning on joining the JustBang website, then I promise that doing so will be the worst decision that you’ve made all day. Don’t spend a second on this site, please. If you want to bang someone, then use a sex dating app listed on the main page of my site. One is enough, any of them will get you laid too.

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