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Instafuck Review: Not The Instant Sex You Think It Is!

I’m all about using sex dating networks that have the terms “insta” and “fuck” in them because they sound so straightforward. However, I’ve got some bad news for you, Instafuck might not be as good of a site as you think. Don’t worry, I did my due diligence here to uncover everything you need to know about this site and then some. If you’re pressed for time and don’t want to waste another minute reading this review, then just try this instead – right here.

Now, for those willing to take the time to read this review, I’ve covered everything you need to know below. My advice is to read the review in its entirety before taking ANY action whatsoever. I’ll kick things off by covering the site and layout, design, and functionality.

Instafuck Review

instafuck sucks - click here instead

My Complete Review Of Instafuck

Okay, so here’s a “no holds barred” approach to reviewing this fake dating site. Here’s what you need to know about the site…

Like I said, I’ll cover the look and functionality of the site before doing anything at all.

#1 – All those girls in the header section of the website are not real members. They are used to entice or attract you as a horny consumer, that’s it. The idea is that you’ll come across a hot girl that you think is fuckable and you take action based on that alone. I’ll tell you right now that this is the biggest scam ever.

#2 – The site reads as being “Voted #1 fuckbuddy matching service” and I’ll tell you right now, that’s 100% false. Instafuck apparently gave itself this award just to make it look more attractive to surfers. Don’t believe the hype.

#3 – Testimonials are not real. If you scroll halfway down the Instafuck page you will notice that there are two testimonials that have been posted. I did some searching and learned that the images are stock photos which essentially means that these testimonials are completely fake.

#4 – They make it seem like you need to “Requests an Invite” in order to use the site and that’s not true at all. You don’t need to request anything at all as they’ll take anybody’s money any chance they get. Don’t let the “Spaces Limited” fool you either. Space is not limited on this site at all. It’s just another marketing tactic to get you to take action and eventually whip out your credit card.

The Phony Girls

Okay, so if you take action and eventually decide to join the Instafuck site, you’ll be sent to a page that showcases a bunch of girls and random locations shown. For example, all these girls are shown as being within a mile or two from one another. Here’s the thing, they aren’t anywhere near you. Not at all!

If you’re slow and don’t take action quick enough, you’ll eventually see something pop up which shows the following text:

No one on our site
will fuck this girl.
… will you?”

But keep in mind, this girl isn’t on the website or a member of the site either. They are all fake profiles, period.

Instafuck Girls

The Fake Questions

You’re eventually sent to pages that have a bunch of fake questions which literally mean nothing if you answer them. You’ll notice that all of the women on the site are fake and just like the questions presented to users. I went through and answered them without even caring about what I was doing. The results were the same regardless.

Redirected To Instafuckdates.com and other sites

Once you commit and you end up submitting your email address to the website, you’re redirected to another site called Instafuckdates.com or Meetbang.com. You’ll also be automatically enrolled as a member of WellHello.com.

All of these networks are awful – point-blank.

The Credit Card Charges

There are way too many credit card charges that occur when you take action on Instafuck. For example, you’ll end up getting enrolled into Snap-Hookup for a 2-day trial at $49.95 and you’ll also be charged $49.61 for MaxHDPorn.com and a 10-day trial for $49.87. All said and done, the so-called free insta fuck membership costs you $150 the first month.

Instafuck payment form

Conclusion: Instafuck Is Awful, Do Not Join

If you’re thinking about joining the Instafuck.com website, then don’t. I can guarantee that you’ll have zero luck hooking up with these Love Stars and the porn clips that you get access to are not worth joining. I would never recommend someone joining this.

Looking for other fuck networks to test out? Then all you need to do is analyze this main page and you’ll learn everything you need to know. My guess is that you’ll be happy if you use one of the sites that I have recommended. Trust me, they are top-notch sites with guarantees of getting laid and so much more.

instafuck.com Is bad

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