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WellHello! Tricks and Scam Exposed To Millions

I know what your question is, you want to know…What is Well Hello? Well, it’s a dating site for singles and swingers who are looking for a date or just to hook up. The cover page aka index page of the WellHello site has beautiful women all over it that looked like regular girls, so it looked promising. If you aren’t quite ready to date, you’re supposed to be able to chat and exchange photos. I didn’t do much of any of that and it wasn’t for lack of trying. If you have any interest at all in Well Hello There, then I suggest you read this before you do anything crazy like wasting money on this site.

Here’s my rundown of WellHello and why I think the site is a total scam.

Actually, before you dive into my review here of the WellHello.com network, I want you to know that you absolutely should NOT believe some of the reviews that you read about this site. For example, there’s one website out there called HookupGuru.com that’s praising this site and they’re doing so by telling what I’d consider being nothing but lies. Don’t believe what you read over there if you do. I’m here to share the truth about this site and all that you need to know!
dating scam exposed

wellhello scam

Summary of WellHello Tricks That Led Me To Share This Review

I am always down to check out a “free” dating site so I gave WellHello a whirl. Once I signed up, I was pretty excited to be receiving messages from women that were genuinely hot. They seemed a little out of my league, but if they were interested, I wasn’t going to question it. Well, I should have questioned it because none of it really led anywhere. There might be some real women on here, but I got frustrated pretty quickly when I realized I was being jerked around. Sometimes the women would just ignore me and sometimes they would come on a little too strong to be for real.

This site infuriated me because they flood you with messages and profiles that are clearly fake. How do I know for sure you ask? Simple! They have something in their terms about “Love Hostesses” profiles and features.  It seems like they would send you a little less fake stuff and leave room for the real ones, but after spending time on this site, I’m not even sure that there are real ones. Every woman that seemed promising turned out to be a dead end. Perhaps I should have been more patient and tried a full membership for a month and see how things panned out, but I never got any leads that made me want to try paying the full price.

The Ridiculous Messaging

There was definitely no shortage of messages on Well Hello, but quantity isn’t exactly quality. I started receiving messages right away the moment I entered my information. They say that this site is free, but once you receive messages, you find out that you need to purchase a subscription in order to send or receive messages.

Even after purchasing a trial subscription, the messages never really panned out. I never got laid and I never even spoke with a real girl (to the best of my knowledge).

Here’s some proof to show you just how fast these messages come flying in and keep in mind that I did not add a profile pic or bio to my account.

The time I logged on was:

current time proof

If you look at the screenshot below you’ll notice all the chat messages that I received and NONE of the were from real girls to the best of my knowledge. Why the hell would these girls go out of their way to message a guy that hasn’t provided his personal information or even a photo?

crazy annoying messages from wellhello

Here’s some more proof of the crazy fake instant messages that annoyingly popped up over and over while I was testing the site out for another time around.

fake instant pop up message

Phone Conversation

I wish there had been a phone conversation to speak of, but I never even got close to actually speaking to anyone. Every message I sent or received fell flat. Some didn’t seem interested while others seemed too interested in many responses that seemed automated.

There’s a pretty strong chance that all the messages I received were from those that were in the Love Hostess category probably. The thing that really pisses me off about this site is that they pay people to communicate with you. If that’s not considered to be a scam, then I don’t know what is really to be quite honest.

The Links

You’ll notice that this site isn’t shy about trying to send you to other websites. In fact, that’s all they do here, really. You’ll find 3rd party links to expensive live cam sites, fake questionnaires, other fake dating services and more.

WellHello Cam Site Scam

more marketing links

Shady Banner Ads

It’s impossible to miss the banner ads which are posted throughout the members area, just about everywhere you click. You will not find another site that tries to get you to click on banners more than this one.

wellhello banners

Hello Well, I Must Say This Will Cost A Shit Ton 

I typically don’t like to take it up the ass when it comes to paying for an online dating membership. I’m certainly not opposed to paying for something as long as I’m getting what I paid for. In this case, Well Hello There will cost you a whopping $119.40 for the entire year. In the event that you’re interested in joining this crappy site for that long, then I’m sorry. Now if you want to try it for 24 hours, it’s likely going to cost you only $1.00. However, that $1.00 will not get you far at all! If you don’t mind spending the money you earned on a bunch of fake dating then go right ahead. You’ll find all the billing details below too if you just keep reading.

First Meeting

In order to have a first date, you have to talk to a real girl that is interested in meeting you. Unfortunately, that never happened. I’m a decent looking guy and I did make a good effort, but nothing happened. Again, perhaps it’s the “Love Hostesses” that screwed me over here.

Billing Details

The WellHello site has a number of ways that they try and scam their users. I’ve done my best to share ALL the details which are hidden in their join pages. The billing practices are as shady as they get here and you’ll quickly realize that every membership option is a complete waste of money.

I’ll kick things off with the $1.00 trial upgrade option that they present to consumers.

$1.00 1-Day Trial Details

What they do here is an attempt to get you to pay for a 1-day trial at the price of $1.00. But that’s just the beginning. You’ll eventually see a charge on your credit card statement from YOMEM.com and that charge will cost you $39.95 each month until you cancel. They include hidden charges here for a 2-day trial or VipWebPassport.com which also bills at $39.95 and then either a 1-day trial for CheekyDates for $1 which renews are $39.99 each month or a 2-day trial for $1.00 which renews at $39.95 monthly.

The screenshot below shows proof of the charges you will incur and they do not allow you to opt-out of these charges initially. You need to cancel to opt-out of them. The problem is that most people do not cancel these memberships and it costs them hundreds if not thousands of dollars.

The company information associated with this specific charge is:

Industrial Thyme Inc.
845 Third Avenue
6th floor
Manhattan, New York 10022
Customer Service (1-888-795-4601)

WellHello $1.00 trial scam

$29.95 30-day Details

The company behind WellHello tries to scam you even if you opt for the 30-day membership. If you opt for this, you’ll eventually see a charge on your card from CH4MS.COM-8885272449 for $29.95. This membership is one that renews monthly until canceled and if they can’t charge the card, they will at least attempt to put an inconvenience charge on it for $2.00. You will also see a charge for VipWebPassport.com for $1.00 for a 22-day trial which renews for $39.95 each month. Last but not least, you’ll notice a $1.00 charge for Pornvault.com which is a 3-day trial that also renews monthly at $39.95.

They have different company info associated with this membership option:

Norwich Crest LLC
348 N Goodman St.
Rochester NY 14607, USA
Customer Service (1-888-527-2449)

wellhello.com 30-day join form

$9.99 Monthly Option Details

This option is scammy because what they do is hit you with one annual charge up front for the full year. You’ll end up getting charged $119.88 and the charge is for 365 days worth of using your membership on WellHello.com. You will see a charge from tekgw.com – 18002958028. Again, this is a different company that they try to use here for your membership (so shady, wow).

Ribera Sapphire Ltd
103 Elmers End Road, Beckenham
England, BR3 4SY – United Kingdom
Customer Service (1-800-295-8028)

WellHello.com Annual Join Form

So, I’ve provided you with the billing details and the contact numbers for those that made the unfortunate mistake of paying for a membership. You should think about picking up the phone and canceling your WellHello membership immediately. Alternatively, I’ve provided additional steps for those that want to cancel on their own.

How To Cancel Your WellHello.com Account

So, I’ve provided you with the billing details and the contact numbers for those that made the unfortunate mistake of paying for a membership. You should think about picking up the phone and canceling your WellHello membership immediately. Alternatively, I’ve provided additional steps for those that want to cancel on their own.

Here’s how to delete your WellHello.com account via a web browser (7-Steps):

  1. Visit https://wellhello.com/ and log into your account.
  2. Once logged in, go to the bottom of the page and find the “Contact Us” link and click it.
  3. When you’re on the Contact Us page, scroll down until you see the “Create A New Ticket” link.
  4. You will find a text box where you can write to the company explaining that you want you to delete your account immediately and that you want a refund.
  5. Be sure to write down the ticket number so that you can reference it at a later date if necessary.
  6. Customer service should get back to you within 48 hours.
  7. When the company responds tell them you want to cancel your account completely and that you authorize them to delete your profile and account for good.

Here’s how to delete your account via email (4-Steps):

  1. Log into your email client of choice using the address associated with your WellHello account.
  2. Compose a new email and send it to info@wellhello.com.
  3. Use the subject line: “Delete My Account, Please.”
  4. Write an email providing all of your contact information and account information (not credit card info) and let them know that you want to cancel your membership, stop all charges, and delete your profile.

My Conclusion: WellHello.com Is Bad, REALLY Bad!

I wouldn’t recommend this site to my worst enemy. In fact, anyone that has ever recommended this site to anyone knowing how they operate is what I consider a complete asshole. To put it plain and simple, this so-called dating site is far too fake for me to be willing to recommend it to anyone. I’d run like hell and steer clear of Well Hello. Now, if you’ve already joined and you want to get your money back, you can do so by sending your inquiries to Admin@wellhello.com and they will likely refund your money. The site just seems shady all the way around. I have found multiple negative reviews for this site that just confirm what I already suspected during my experience. Feel free to try it for yourself, but I have had much better success on other sites, but nothing much at all happened here, even when I paid.

Other Options

So, what’s the alternative to Well Hello, you ask?

Good question, let’s say you’re looking for one of the solid AF hook up sites that actually seems to work, then check out the chart below. I’ve personally tested each of these sites and FULLY vouch for each them. My experiences are depicted in each review. What I will say is that they are without a doubt better than Well Hello There. In fact, they are not even comparable. Please keep in mind that I’ve literally tested and tried hundreds of hook up sites and I know the good stuff and bad stuff when I see it. The networks below are top-notch and work like a charm.

Top 5 Hookup Websites Ratings Site Details Join
★★★★★ Read Details Visit Site
★★★★★ Read Details Visit Site
★★★★★ Read Details Visit Site
★★★★★ Read Details Visit Site
★★★★★ Read Details Visit Site

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