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Im Naughty aka IAmNaughty.com Will Suck You Dry (Your Wallet That Is)

Well, it’s about that time again. You know, the time where I share the ins and outs of a site I’ve been testing. This time it’s the “Im Naughty” dating site. One thing you need to know about it is that the site may not be worth your time. I’m not easy to please when it comes to using any online dating service. That stands true regardless of whether it’s a website, mobile app or whatever the heck it might be. I also don’t like to keep things to myself. Many people reach out asking for advice and this is my way of sharing it with them all. Before you head on over to the IAmNaughty.com website, do yourself a favor and read this review.

Im Naughty scam
Screenshot of IAmNaughty.com

Everything I Hate About “Im Naughty” and Why It Doesn’t Work

The first thing you need to know about this dating site is that it’s connected with a company called Ldate Services Ltd. I’ve actually written a few reviews on the other sites they run in the past. They run WantUBad.com, GetAnAffair.com, and a few others. Enough about all those though, let’s stick to the point of main concern here.

I’ve covered everything you need to know about Iamnaughty.com below. Your best bet is to digest the information, then take action accordingly…

I’ll cover the basic site features first, even if you don’t need to utilize them ever.

  • They’ve got a simple search feature like the rest of them.
  • There’s an internal email system which allows you to see who’s online at any point in time.
  • An activity feed that shows everyone that’s viewed your profile, sent messages, requests to IM with you and more.
  • Live cams exist with girls that get naked for an extra fee.
  • You can chat with members of the site.

That’s about it…

Now, here are the topics I’m going to cover today which I know you’ll likely find quite disturbing.

  • Chat IMs – FAKE
  • Views – FAKE
  • Emails – FAKE
  • Profiles – FAKE

All The Fake Chat You Want

I’m all for IMing with local girls looking to connect but one thing I have zero tolerance for is fake IMs. The Ldate Services company is one one of a few that do this type of thing. Here’s how it works, Im Naughty will send you some fake chat message in an attempt to lure you into various profile pages. They most likely display the user information as if they are locals in your area.

Now, by the weird chance that it’s a real profile, it will not make a difference one bit. Why so? Well, you will not be able to communicate with any of these women that message you. Not unless you whip out your credit card and pay for an upgrade.

If I were a betting man, I’d say 99% of the messages being sent to recently registered users are completely fake. My guess is that the company has some programmers pounding away at the keyboard in the back office setting up bots to send these messages. That’s just how it works, sorry to burst your bubble.

Fake Profile Views

Now, I’m no genius but I can definitely say that in my personal opinion this site has some trick in place to up your profile views. While I cannot 100% confirm that, what I can do is share my personal opinion on it and why. Once you setup a profile in the most half-ass manner possible. Only minutes later will you notice that your profile has been viewed a bunch of times.

The kicker here is to not completely setup your profile to test this. Leave the photo blank or put up a horrible pic. Don’t put any effort into your profile and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Actually, strike that it’s best if you just take my word for it and not waste your energy testing my theory.

The main reason they up these views is because the site wants you to think that real members are interested in you. Truth be told, no one is interested in a blank profile, simple as that really!

Let’s go out on a limb and give them the benefit of the doubt. If you do that and you get some messages, you will notice that any reply attempt will be blocked. They want you to upgrade in order to message members back. Screw that!

The Emails Might Be Fake Too

You’ll notice that fake emails have miraculously ended up in your inbox. This is no shocker to me. They likely have algorithms in place to send you messages at a moments notice.

Most fake dating sites do this and they do it for one reason, to keep you busy in a sea of dusty, dormant dating profiles.

Speaking of profiles…

You’ll notice that a ton of these profiles are fake on the site. Im Naughty is not shy about working these profiles into their member’s area either. It’s all a part of their terms. Some of the women are very attractive. One thing you need to ask yourself is whether you’ve seen women of this caliber in your local area. If not, then they don’t exist.

The site likely incorporates thousands of girls into it in hopes that you’ll have a conversation with one or two and maybe upgrade. The jokes on you though because you’ll be talking to yourself the whole time!

Insanely Horrible Terms You Must Agree With

It’s no surprise that when you join a site like IAmNaughty, you’re agreeing to any and everything that they want you to agree with. It’s part of the registration process and basically, there is nothing you can do about it. If you take the time to read the terms page (specifically section I of the page) you’ll realize all the crap that they include in there.

There are so many shady things that this site does I don’t know where to begin. For starters, they admit to creating profiles, they admit to sending messages, they state that all of this is created for your amusement only. They also admit to sending chats and emails that are completely fake.

Basically, the site terms are garbage. Simple as that really.

Assuming that you’ve had enough of this and you already joined the Im Naughty site, then reach out to them by emailing them at admin@iamnaughty.com to cancel your membership. Another approach would be to call them and ask for a refund. Here’s the number to do that 1-800-868-5182.

Conclusion: IAmNaughty.com aka “Im Naughty” Is Terrible

I did not have any luck using the I Am Naughty website and I would be my life on you having zero luck as well. Too many fake profiles, fake messages, and basically fake everything to make it a colossal waste of time and money.

Now, for those looking for something that’s more reliable, I can confirm that you’ll find something that works and suits your needs if you take a closer look around, starting with the homepage. I’d also like to suggest you check out some other pages on the site where I share valuable info on hooking up on the regular.

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