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WantUBad Review: They Want You Credit Card Bad!

Have you ever had someone walk right up to you and say, “I want you bad!” and within minutes be banging them? No, me neither. It doesn’t happen and that’s why when I saw the WantUBad.com website I pretty much jumped on it full force. Now, with that being said, I was able to determine that this site is pretty bad. I’ve covered all the ins and outs below in my official review. Find out everything you need to know about this website.

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My Personal Experience On The WantUBad Network

I’ll start with a quick overview of things to give you a better idea as to what you can and should expect with regards to this dating website.

You know, dating sites cater to just about every taste and interest and new ones pop up every day. When I stumbled across WantUBad.com and its interesting tagline of, “Every night is bliss,” I had to see if what they were advertising would deliver. Once again, though, I was completely dissatisfied and found that just like many others, WantUBad was a complete and total waste of time and money.

Joining The Site

When I join any dating site, I make sure to read their terms of service and privacy policies to see if they are using the same old tricks that all other shady dating sites use. I really recommend you do the same.

Sure enough, the first thing that greeted me was that WantUBad.com is managed by parent company Bulova Invest, LTD. Bulova is notorious for creating dating sites that look super exciting with their promises of getting laid by some of the sexiest women you’ve ever seen. The problem is, this never happens. They have really perfected the rip-off game and anything you’re promised when you join a Bulova Invest, LTD site is going to be an absolute lie.

Testing Things Out

So, a great way to figure out if a site is a fraudulent site is to do something to test the waters. What I like to do is to set up a free, yet bare profile. What does that mean? Well, I will join and not put up any pictures, any information, or anything at all on my profile. I just basically fill in the absolute barest of information to get it up and running.

Why do you ask?

Well, I do this to see if it brings out the automated bot messages that will usually bombard you on a dating site that is shady. These bot messages may seem like they would be illegal, but these types of sites cover their asses by making sure they disclose it in the terms of service. The problem is, nobody ever reads the terms of service and companies like Bulova bank on that.

When my bare-bones profile went live, I got hit very quickly in the inbox. Who, in their right mind, would be attracted to a completely empty profile? Well, bots don’t care what is in that profile. They are just automatically programmed to respond to new meat in an attempt to try and get you to upgrade your membership, thus tricking you into paying for the privilege of messaging.

Workers Hired To Chat

What WantUBad.com also does is employs third-party workers who are paid to be in charge of fake profiles. The women in these profiles are completely fake and do not in any way exist. Usually, the pictures have been stolen from other sites and the information contained in the profile is made to be exciting and fun.

These employees will act interested in you and your life, they will flirt with you and be explicit, but never will you actually meet them. They are paid to keep you interested and to ensure that you’ll keep paying month after month as they string you along. The chances of finding an actual real woman on WantUBad.com is slim-to-none.

Customer Support Cover Up

How can WantUBad.com justify this practice? Well, they claim that these profiles are there to offer customer support, keep things interesting, and for entertainment purposes of their users.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t join casual hookup sites for entertainment, I join them to get laid. No matter how they try to wrap it, these fake profiles are there strictly to bring in money for Bulova Invest LTD.

The Real Costs Of Joining

So, what does joining WantUBad.com cost you, just in case you want to take your chances with the bots? Signing up is completely free. That gets you a basic profile and pretty much nothing else.

If you want to try out some of the supposed benefits that WantUBad.com offers, such as the match feed, seeing who has checked out your profile, live chat rooms, and the live gallery, you can spring for one of their paid subscriptions which usually vary in price. Their current rates are:

  • A three-day trial: $2.97
  • A one-month subscription: $24.99
  • A three-month subscription: $41.97
  • A six-month subscription: $65.94

If you do join and realize that everything I have said is true and you want to cancel your membership, remember that you must cancel within 72 hours of the next renewal period. If you don’t, you are giving the company permission to renew your membership for another full month per their terms of service.

Canceling Is Impossible

What I found when I did a little more digging around is that even if you do cancel and receive a confirmation email that your account was closed, there is still the chance that you could be charged for more services.

There are people claiming they tried for months to get things fixed but ended up having to completely shut down their bank accounts or get new credit card numbers because of the issues they had with WantUBad.com and other Bulova Invest LTD sites. And if you have already joined and want to now try to begin the cancellation process, you can contact the people behind WantUBad.com at the following places:

  • Phone: 1-800-867-3170 or 128-1855-2596676
  • Email: support@wantubad.com or payment@wantubad.com

Conclusion: Avoid WantUBad.com Or You’ll Be Sorry!

I sincerely hope that if you are considering joining WantUBad.com you will reconsider it and if you have already joined, I wish you the best of luck getting your account canceled without too much hassle.

I can’t say it enough, avoid WantUBad.com and its completely shady methods, especially if you’re looking to find an actual person to spend time with. You certainly won’t find it there, or any site owned by Bulova. Look, if you want to join a site that works, then simply give any of the sites on the main page a shot. You’ll likely get laid within 24-48 hours if you do. Trust me, it happens to me regularly.

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