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Fuckdate site review

Fuckdate Review: Yes, You’ll F**k Someone Here!

I’m 100% DTF all day every day. Given that I’m down, you know that when I came across the Fuckdate site I needed to dive deeper. I’ll give you the 30-second rundown to bring you up to speed before diving into my official review. The Fuckdate.com website is run by a group of people who I’d consider as being the most honest and upfront in the online dating industry to date. I used this site, got laid, had a blast, and suggest you try it too. But first, you need to read my review to get a better picture of what I’m referring to here.

I’m not the type of person that will deny my desires and when I’m feeling a certain kind of way, I figure I have one of two options. First, I could visit my left hand and have a nice one-on-one date that leaves me feeling a little relieved, but less than excited about it. Or, two, I can use a dating site to find someone that not only wants to have sex, they don’t want much more from me either.

Fuckdate site review


Look, I know relationships are nice and all and I could always find a long-term somebody to keep on hand for times like this. But, with the abundance of adult dating sites out there, I really don’t have to bother too much with forming a connection with someone if I don’t want to.

Am I a pig? Hmm…probably. But, I’m definitely a pig that gets his groove on as much as I want, so there’s that.

Anyway, are you looking for a good site for hookups and sex dates that don’t require you to jump through hoops or spend months on end trying to talk to one person just to go back to old lefty? If you are, I have just found the site for you.

Fuckdate.com is for those of us who are tired of the runaround that other dating sites put us through and just want to find a hottie and get laid. Simple, right?

You betcha!

If you want to know more about Fuckdate.com, keep reading to find out why I keep it as one of my go-to adult dating sites for quick and easy sexual encounters.

5 Reasons Why Fuckdate.com is Legit AF!

I know what I’m looking for on a dating site to determine if they are fakes or worth my time and money. So, when I joined Fuckdate.com I paid careful attention to what they were saying and doing to see if they were just another fly-by-night dating site that seems so abundant on the internet.

What I found was that not only is Fuckdate.com legit, it has some pretty convincing positive attributes. Here’s what I found from using Fuckdate.com.

#1. Fuckdate.com doesn’t bombard you with ads.

If you’ve spent any time on a bad dating site, you’ve probably noticed that they will have ad after ad after ad for other dating sites and porno or video sites. Why do they do that? Mostly to encourage you to click on those ads and leave the site. These partner sites of the dating site are pretty much preying on you and trying to get your money.

Fuck Date doesn’t have partner advertising. In fact, I never bumped into any advertising while on Fuckdate.com, which is a huge positive.

#2. No third-party partnerships at all.

Not only does Fuckdate.com not have third-party advertising splashed over its site, it doesn’t even partner with other companies. If you take a peek at their terms of service. Fuckdate.com lays it out that they respect your privacy and they don’t ever share your information. I

can stand behind a dating site that takes your privacy that seriously and you should honestly check out any dating sites terms of service to see where they fall on that issue before you join.

#3. Affordable membership.

Dating sites can be crazy with the amount they charge their paid members. And honestly, to get the most out of a dating site you need to become a paid member. Fuckdate.com is not only affordable, it delivers what it promises – PERIOD.

If you are interested in joining Fuckdate.com, their current pricing structure is as follows:

  • 2-day trial membership: $1.00
  • 1-week trial membership: $9.95
  • 1-month membership: $34.95
  • 6-month membership: $69.90
  • 1-year membership: $80.04

If you’re not sure that you’ll like Fuckdate.com, I highly recommend getting one of their trial memberships. For a buck or a ten spot, you’re going to find out pretty quickly if you like the site and if it will work for what you need it to do. I have a feeling you’ll be splurging for at least the monthly membership once you’ve dipped your toes in.

#4. Billing doesn’t auto-renew.

If you’ve joined any dating site and got the paid membership, you probably figured out pretty quickly that most sites will auto-renew your membership if you don’t cancel on their timeframe. Not only is that annoying, but it can also get pretty damn expensive if you don’t realize it immediately.

Fuckdate.com only charges you what you agree to. If you buy a one-month membership, you’re billed for a month and then you will have to renew if that is what you want. At the end of six months, if you haven’t renewed your membership, it ends. It’s truly that simple.

#5. Payments are through verified avenues.

Have you ever joined a dating site and wondered where the heck your money was going? Maybe you noticed on your credit card that it stated some strange company that you’ve never heard of. Fuckdate.com uses only well-known, safe payment processing companies you may have heard of such as Epoch, SegPay, and CCBill.

These are some of the most respected companies on the market and you can be assured that your payment information will be safe, and nobody is going to be hacking into your account because of their encryption processes.

FAQ’s on Fuckdate.com

Fuckdate.com sounds legit, did you have success getting laid?

Totally. I have used many dating apps and websites and Fuckdate.com got me laid as quick as any other dating site I’ve used. Of course, it will depend on the area you live in and the number of members that are local to you, but as long as you’re not in “Eastorwestbumfuck”, you’ll definitely have success.

Is Fuckdate.com a typical dating site?

If you mean “are people using Fuckdate.com to go on traditional dates”, I guess there are always those people who do that. But, the majority of the people I’ve come across, the women included, know that Fuckdate.com is for having sex and not finding a partner.

I hate making those profiles, is it really necessary?

Seriously? Yes, my friend, you have got to make a profile and for the love of god, including a picture of yourself. Not your junk. Your face.

Look, women are picky, and they want to find a guy that clicks with what they like and if you don’t have a picture or your picture is just your penis, they’re probably not going to contact you or respond when you contact them.

Trust me, take the time to fill out a profile and make it fun and include that damn picture of your face!

Final Thoughts on Fuckdate.com

If you’re the type of person that wants a dating site that will help them connect with other like-minded horny folks, Fuckdate.com is the way to go. It’s affordable, easy to use, and totally legit in its practices. What more can you ask for?

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