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Freebangbuddies Scam Revealed Here. Save Your Money For Another Site!

Today’s update is on one that I’d been chasing for quite some time. When I say chasing I mean I’ve seen it pop up on my screen a few times but never took action on it. It’s a casual site called Freebangbuddies.com and it’s most definitely not to be confused with BangBuddies.com. These are two totally different dating networks owned and operated by different companies.

What I can say is that Bangbuddies.com is incredible. However, I can’t say the same about Freebangbuddies. I’ll just come out and say that this is one of those that you’ll want to try and avoid. Don’t worry, I’m not just going to bash the heck out of them, I’ve got a full review to share on the website and the company behind it.


My FreeBangBuddies Detailed Investigation

There are some clear and distinct reasons why I’ve clearly categorized the Freebangbuddies website as a scam. I don’t normally come right out and mention that to you, so when I do you know it’s definitely worth staying far away from. Per usual, I took care in reviewing this site with a fine tooth comb. I wasn’t letting anything at all get in my way. Not a chance in hell, really. I was going to crack this nut if my life depended on it.

Well, when I saw what they were doing, I got super pissed off. This lit a fire under my ass and got me nitpicking on just about everything that I could find that left a bad taste in my mouth. By the time I was done reviewing, I felt like I was going to get sick. That’s how disgusted I was with this website.

Now that you’re well-versed on the entire thought process that went through my head, I’m going to start sharing facts about the Free Bang Buddies website.

There are some things that I typically look for in order to determine whether or not this is a scam. It’s important that you understand that all of these tactics are complete scams, so pay close attention.

Warning Nude Women All Hot On Homepage

You know, ugly girls need to get laid too. Which is why it’s always a red flag when we see a run of a dozen smoking hot women on the landing page of a dating site. It’s just not something that’s realistic as there are ugly people out there using dating websites trying to hook up as well.

If a site shows you just hot people, then chances are those people are not all real members. That’s just my gut instinct at least. Oh, you should also understand that these women don’t really live nearby, the city/town rotates based on where you live. That’s how Freebangbuddies ropes you in here!

Shady Upgrade Tactics

If and when you do decide to join the site, you’ll be asked to upgrade your membership about a hundred times. The problem is that when you do, you get hit with a bunch of charges, not just the main charge that the site offers you for the dating membership.

You’ll get hit for $39.61 and $28.87 for two porn sites. This will cost you money every single money. Bottom line, they are going to try and hit you with as many credit card charges as possible. It’s a super shady tactic but that’s how it works and they frankly don’t care about you or your credit line.

Love Stars Are Fake

This site incorporates fake dating profiles into their site. Yes, you heard that right. They use totally fake members on their site. these “Love Stars” do not even really exist. They’re computer bots that look and interact as if they are real people.

It’s nothing but a ploy to drive you to take action and submit your financial information. Once they’ve got you, then the girls move on to the next sucker. I’d also like to add that you will without a doubt not get laid using this site, not a chance in hell! NONE!

Fake Chat Logs

If you spend time in the member’s area after registering for free, you’ll notice that there’s a chat message log that displays. Trust me, these are 100% fake and are not real site members. It’s purely marketing driven and nothing more than a video clip that’s been recorded and repurposed throughout the site.

Pure deception at it’s best. Actually, I shouldn’t say that this is the most deceptive thing that happens in online dating. Click this link to see what is and what I’m referring to. I’ll give you a hint, there’s a show on MTV about it.

Network Rights Given

When you join the site, upload images, and videos as well as setup your own profile, you’re doing all this while giving the company full rights to use it how they see fit. If they want to delete the content they can do that.

If they want to repurpose it and put you in some crazy dating site that you don’t even know about, they can do that as well. Basically, you give up all your rights as a user joining this site.

Untruthful Language

You will notice that the site tagline reads, “The Premier Adult Dating Site! Hookup Tonight 100% Free!” Well, the chances of hooking up tonight are about 5% if you use this site. That’s just my personal opinion of course. I’d rather try my luck with a dating network that actually works.


The company behind this operation is Nautell Capital Limited and they own a run of many dating sites. I’ll come out and say that most of them are complete crap. If you’re looking to cancel your membership, you can email them here cs@Freebangbuddies.com. Either that or give them a call at 1-877-598-1579.

Conclusion: FreeBangBuddies.com Is A Very Bad Choice

I know a bad dating site when I see one and this is without a doubt one of them. If you’re looking for a free bang buddy, you won’t find one here. Do you and your wallet a favor, when you land on this site, run for the hills! If you’re looking to really bang a local girl, it’s not going to happen on Free Bang Buddies unless you’ve got some magical powers to immediately sniff out all the fakes. Instead, just keep searching for another site or read the top article listed here if you’re ready and DTF.

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