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FindCheaters.com Website Dating Service Analysis And Why It Sucks

A trend that seems to be growing among hookup sites is sites that encourage married people to cheat discreetly. I’m all for this and I actually like having sex with married women. I do it almost weekly! The question is, can FindCheaters.com help do that for you?

A lot of affair sites make bold claims about what they can do for your sex life, but few deliver. After trying it out for myself I determined that, while not impossible, it is highly unlikely that you will find anyone to cheat with on this site. You would be lucky to find a real person, much less someone to hook up with.

The site presents itself well. They’ve got a good presentation. I liked the sign-up process because it was really simple. It also seemed like I was going to be able to customize my search enough to browse through only the women I liked the most. What I got was just more of the same practices that I’ve seen on a million other sites that didn’t lead to real results.

Check out my site analysis and review below. I’ve also provided my personal experience on the site below. This should be enough for you to want to avoid FindCheaters.com at all costs. Keep in mind that this is my own personal opinion and I’m just one guy trying to fuck girls. Simple as that really.


findcheaters.com site review

My FindCheaters.com Review And Personal Experiences

The very first thing that you should know about FindCheaters is printed boldly on the front page of the site. Look at the paragraph just above the blue button that reads “Sign Me Up.”

This is where you will find the term “Online Cupids.” Any site that uses that term, you should always avoid. They admit right there in writing that this term refers to fantasy profiles operated by the site for entertainment.

That means that they not only admit to putting fake profiles on the site, they also send you fake messages to get you to continue to pay for a membership. Who needs entertainment like that? I don’t know about you, but I don’t go to a hookup site for fake entertainment. I come to meet real women and you won’t find many of those at FindCheaters.com.

FindCheaters.com uses fantasy profiles called "online cupids"

Another reason to avoid this is the fact that they are just another site that claims to be free, but they charge you for a membership when you try to respond to messages from other users.

You get bombarded by fake messages trying to persuade you to pay, but you can’t respond unless you pay almost 30 bucks for a monthly membership. I ignored the warning signs for the sake of this review and tried it out. Check out my personal experience on the site below.

My Experience Using It

I signed up and started to set up my profile. I was not surprised to find that I started receiving messages from hot ladies before I even completed it.

This is typical of a fake dating site because they have an automated system that starts sending new users computer generated messages when they first sign up. It was obvious to me that the site was shady, but I went ahead and paid for a membership after I finished filling out my profile.

I responded to all the women that wrote me and none of them answered. I browsed the site for a while and came across at least five ladies that I thought were really hot. Three of them didn’t answer me, but I got a response from two of them.

One of them was clearly computer generated and I didn’t get a clear response to anything that I sent to her. I was surprised that the other one was a real person. I didn’t take long to realize that this person was an employee of the site. They would lead me on as if trying to stall until I was charged for another month.

Needless to say, nothing happened between me and any of these girls for the first month and I was not about to pay for another one.

Site Features

One feature that I actually liked about this was the sign-up process where you get to state exactly what you came here for, so there is no confusion and no beating around the bush.

This would be a better feature if you could hook up with real people on the site. You get choices like Just Naughty Fun, Group Sex, Voyeurism (similar to Camsoda’s voyeur room), Sadism and Masochism and more. Besides this, the features are pretty basic and it seems to follow a type of hookup site template that I have seen several times.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is FindCheaters.com cannot be trusted. I do not recommend using this site or any site that uses “Online Cupids.”

If a dating or hookup site fools you with fake profiles from the beginning, it is not likely that you are going to have a genuine experience, even if you pay for a membership. It is set up to take your money and entertain you from afar.

Other Cheat Dating Site Options

Sure, there are plenty of other options out there for those that are willing and able to try something new. I’ve been using every single top rated site for years and I only put my stamp of approval on sites that I’ve fucked girls using. Let me suggest that you try at least one of them to see just how effective they truly are!

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