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FattyChaser homepage

FattyChaser Review: Are They Chasing For Your Credit Card?

I decided to venture out of my comfort zone and check out some BBW sites like this one. One that I’ve recently investigated was FattyChaser.com. This review covers everything you need to know about the website. If you’ve never thought about dating a bbw girl, then read this article as you might wish to give it a try.

FattyChaser homepage

FattyChaser Introduction/Overview

While most men claim they want a Barbie doll shaped woman, what they don’t often admit to is their secret love of a curvy girl. Look, I’m all for loving thinner women, but there is just something about those big boobs, bangin’ ass, and thighs that will keep my ears warm if you know what I’m saying. That’s why many may give FattyChaser a shot.

When I came across the site FattyChaser, I got very excited. Not only did it tout itself as the top plus-sized dating site on the internet, but it promised to connect me with women who had curves for days. What more could a guy ask for?

Well, this guy asked for results and unfortunately, they just didn’t happen on FattyChaser. If you’re curious about FattyChaser, keep reading to find out why I think it’s a site you should definitely avoid if you’re searching for a voluptuous woman.

6 Reasons Why FattyChaser is a Fraud

I hate that I keep finding dating sites that are such a hot mess, but unfortunately, with the draw to online dating, more and more of these companies are creating more and more sites that are just completely fake and a total waste of money.

If you’ve been on any dating sites, after a while you will notice that the shady sites have certain things in common. If you happen to notice any of these red flags on any dating site, not just FattyChaser, it’s a sure sign that the site is a fraud and you’re not going to get laid.

  1. Joining=losing your rights.

I know that might sound kind of dramatic, but I’m totally not exaggerating. Once you become a member of FattyChaser and agree to their terms of service, you are agreeing to allow them to take your profile information and any pictures you put up and use them however they see fit.

What does that mean?

It means that if they want to take your stuff and make a profile on another site that they manage, they can do so. Essentially, Fatty Chaser can use your profile to catfish other members.

Wait, Fatty Chaser catfishes people?

Oh, yes, my friend. And they do it legally, just keep reading.

  1. Fake profiles are abundant.

Good dating sites never need to create fake profiles to make their site seem fun, full of people, or worthy of a paid membership. However, FattyChaser not only creates fake profiles, it has tons of them. Truthfully, I don’t know if there are real female members of the site at all, they all appear to be fake.

If you aren’t sure what a fake profile is, let me fill you in.

Fake dating site profiles are created by a dating site using stolen, or in the case of FattyChaser, legally taken pictures to make the site seem like it has hot, sexy, and horny women and men as members.

Then the company will either use bots to manage these profiles and send out ‘sort-of-makes-sense’ messages to you or they’ll hire people to pretend to be the supposed hottie you’re talking to.

Fake profiles are never the person pictured and you will never meet them in person for anything. You just can’t, they don’t really exist. They only serve one purpose which is to get you to pay for a membership.

So, unless you’re totally into just getting off by talking and never meeting another human, and paying for it, FattyChaser’s fakes aren’t going to be for you.

  1. Bots, bots, and more bots.

Have you ever joined a dating site and before you’ve even got a profile up, you’re receiving messages full of winks, flirts, and suggestive comments? I can promise you, if you’ve gotten those, you’re being targeted by a bot.

Think about it, would you ever contact someone who doesn’t have a profile with at least one picture or something about them? Probably not. And I promise you, no woman would do that either.

A sure-fire way to tell if a site is a fraud is if you get these messages and unfortunately, FattyChaser pulls this same nonsense, making it a total fraudulent dating site in my eyes.

  1. Annoying messages.

Not only will you get the messages from bots on FattyChaser, you’re going to get messages full of links to supposed site benefits.

You’ll probably get excited, thinking you’ll find even more to do on the site, but I promise you, you’re not going to find anything but a link to an upgrade page.

I know all dating sites need to make money, it doesn’t bother me that it can cost money to find a hookup, but I certainly don’t like it veiled as messages promising one thing and delivering nothing or fake profiles leading me on.

  1. Shady terms of service.

No matter what dating site you join, you should always read their terms of service. Don’t get me wrong, they’re long, boring, and full of lawyer-speak that can get in your way of finding a date quickly.

But, they’re also full of everything the site is going to do, what they charge, what you can and can’t do, and just basically everything legal that covers the site owner’s asses should someone get in a huff and think they’re going to sue.

FattyChaser’s terms of service are chock-full of all the deceitful things they can do to you while using their site and because they make sure to make it public, there isn’t a thing you can do about it. It doesn’t matter if you didn’t read them, in a court of law as long as they are provided, it’s up to you to read them.

So, take my word for it, if you’re planning on joining a dating site, even the best ones, read their terms.

  1. It’s an expensive rip-off.

FattyChaser is expensive. For a three-day trial you’re going to pay $0.95 a day. After that, you get to choose from two different ‘packs’. The first pack is called the chataholic pack and that will cost you $0.64 a day which comes out to $19.20 a month. The extra security pack is a little less expensive at $0.45 a day.

I’m sure this doesn’t sound like much money in the grand scheme of things, but remember, these prices auto-renew if you don’t cancel and it can get pretty damn expensive for you when you consider that you’re not going to meet any actual females in person.

Seriously, the fact that FattyChaser even charges one cent is a rip-off in my opinion.

Final Verdict on FattyChaser

I’m not sure there is much more I can say except avoid FattyChaser. If you want a curvy lady, there are far better options out there where you won’t be charged high fees for nothing, have to deal with extensive lame messages, or talk to bots and paid employees.

Trust me, FattyChaser is an adult dating site worth avoiding.

Where to turn to? 

Look, if you’re trying to hook up with someone no matter whether they’re super skinny, overweight, average or whatever, you can do so using all the sex apps that I use. The networks are massive and you’ll find every type of person without the use of shady fake profiles.

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