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BBW Desire: Big Girl Dating Or Another BBW Scam?

Do you have a desire for BBW’s (big beautiful women)? I typically don’t go for chubby girls but I do enjoy huge tits so I figured I’d be able to find a few gems on BBW Desire with huge knockers so I gave it a shot. BBW Desire is supposed to be a hookup site where you can meet curvy ladies online and go out with them for a casual encounter. Unfortunately, that is not likely to happen on this site. I know there are a lot of big-boobed ladies out there looking for a man, but I didn’t see any here. Not those that were real members anyway. All I got was an empty wallet and a shitty time talking with fake girls that didn’t ever want to meet for sex. Read my review. After using the mobile dating app for quite some time now, I’m ready to share everything that I know about this site. Find out all about it.

BBWDesire is a scam

bbw desire dating

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My Summary Of BBW Desire Dating

Let’s be honest here. There are quite a few BBWs in the dating pool. It’s harder for a lot of them to get dates because not all guys are into big girls. It seems like a site like BBWDesire.com would have tons of available ladies (no pun intended). There are some sites out there where you can pick up these ladies but this isn’t one of them. BBW’s are just a niche that this site uses to lure guys in so they can overcharge them, trick them and scam them into paying a lot of money but never giving them anything in return for the money they spent.

The pictures that they use on the site are definitely hot. The one good thing about BBWDesire is that they chose some good fake pictures, but those pictures are still fake. Instead of real BBWs, you end up digitally hanging out or communicating with something that they refer to as Fantasy Cuties. This is the name that they give the artificial ladies that interact with you. They indicate right in their terms of service that they use false profiles and that they are operated by the site or third-party contractors. They hope that you’ll skip over this part, but I read everything when money is involved.

Messages from Fake BBW Girls

I believe the only ladies I interacted with on message were the Fantasy Cuties. Some of these fantasy cuties may have had a pulse, but their paychecks were signed by BBW Desire. I admit I had a little fun here. The fake messages were kind of laughable and I enjoyed playing around with the ladies that I could tell were not real.

I would ask them to send me a picture in a certain position and they would send a completely different one. I was making them work hard to scam me. They would act like they liked me but would avoid the subject when I would ask for their number. I have been through the same thing over and over with many scam dating sites and they never seem to upgrade their efforts to scam you. It’s pretty easy to catch on to what they are trying to do here if you pay attention.

Phone Conversations

It would be nice to have at least one phone conversation with a BBW to talk about, but I didn’t have one. I would have more luck going to the local department store and hanging out in the fat ladies section. It’s confusing to me when a site takes a niche with plenty of desperate ladies and chooses to prey on desperate men instead of hooking them up.

The Recurring Cost of a BBWDesire Membership

If you want to try it out for yourself, you can get a 3-day trial membership for $8.85 and you will get automatically charged the full $29.95 at the end of the 3 days. You will see the same scamming practices I have outlined here and hopefully cancel before you are charged. Standard pricing is $29.95 a month, $49.95 for 2 months, and $59.95 for 3 months. Every level of pricing will automatically come out of your account each month.

First Meeting

I wasn’t kidding when I said that you would have more luck going to a department store to pick up a BBW. I actually met a BBW while shopping during my time on the site. I haven’t scored with the lady I met, but it’s still more action than I got at BBWDesire.com.

Video Review

I even took the time to record a video that pinpoints everything that’s wrong with this BBW website. The 2-minute clip quickly points out everything I learned about this site and reiterates the fact that it’s not going to get you laid. Please feel free to watch the video to learn more about the site.

Conclusion: BBW Desire Is Not For Those That Desire To Get Laid

It’s a shame when a dating site takes a perfectly good niche like the BBW niche and creates another reason for us to not believe in online dating. This is is a huge scam and I won’t recommend it to anyone. They would probably be more successful if they just went legit.

Well, at least you have reviews like this to warn you to stay away. You would be much better off using another hookup site that’s been created by a legit company that stands behind their product. One that makes searching for big girls a breeze. You will definitely get better results using the BBW site listed below than you can on this piece of shit website.

I suggest you join the site that I’ve shared below if you’re interested in meeting sexy big girls that just want to fuck. You’re not going to find a whole lot of super-sized girls but you will come across very busty women that want to find sex and get laid tonight!

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