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Dirtyr4r Review: Can Using Reddit Personals Help You Get Laid?

Have you ever used the infamous website called Reddit? Many people have no idea what this website even is. I’m not afraid to admit that I’ve personally used Reddit, more specifically, the dirtyr4r section. While it sounds like a great idea because it’s such a heavily populated site, it doesn’t mean it works great. Before I get into the reasons why I’m not a huge fan of this dirty chat board, I’ll share some facts about the site with you. Oh, but before I get into it, it’s important for you to know that the Reddit dirty r4r board is NOT my go-to method for finding hookups.

First off, the Reddit personals are is a specific section of the website that allows users to post things such as their personal sex requests and other types of statements (not to be confused with premium adult dating services). For the most part, the statements are very open and obscure. What I mean by that is you do not get a lot of information from posters on this site.

reddit dirtyr4r logo

If you look closely you’ll notice a few things about the dirtyr4r subreddit. Some features that you’ll find on the site are the following:

Upvote Rating System – This allows you to upvote or down vote threads that people post within the reddit personals dirtyr4r section.

Hook Up Type – You’ll notice that the personals section showcases what individual people are looking for whether it be F4M, F4A, M4F, or other acronyms. Applying these acronyms makes it easy for people readers to easily identify people looking for specific types of hookups.

Age – You’ll also notice that each thread showcases a number in front of the thread titles. These numbers represent the ages of people making the posts.

Dirtyr4r Personals

Why do people typically use the dirtyr4r reddit?

Most people use this Reddit personals section when they are looking for a fuck buddy in the local neighborhood, someone to have a dirty chat with, someone to cam with or send video snaps back and forth, or someone to trade nude pics with. Now, just because they claim that’s what it’s for doesn’t mean it’s the best place to do these things.

Posting rules of the site are pretty simple. You’re not allowed to post more than one time within a 12 hour period. You must add your age in the post and the type of relationship that you’re looking to form. If you take a closer look at the subreddit, you’ll notice that there are only 564 users online as I review this service. See the screenshot below. Sure, there are 88,000 readers/users that are using the dirtyr4r section but the chances of someone nearby you actually using it are slim to none.

Dirtyr4r Thread Rules

Why I Don’t Like The Reddit Dirtyr4r Site

Here are some of the main reasons that I absolutely do not believe in using this personals thread. Some of the reasons may seem crazy to some but I don’t mess around when it comes to hooking up online with people.

The first reason I don’t like the idea of using this as a dating site is that there is very little security here. You have no idea whether or not the person posting is actually that person. What I mean by that is they may not even be the gender they claim to be.

Another reason I don’t like this is that it’s completely free. Most of the time, when you come across a free board or personals site, it contains nothing but tire kickers. Newsflash, these tire kickers aren’t ever going to meet you in person. They absolutely will not and don’t care to do so. Instead, they’ll waste your time and maybe even try to scam you out of money.

Oh, I should mention the overabundance of dudes using this site. If you take a close look at the tags on the site you’ll notice that most start with an “M” and this is because they’re guys looking for girls or other guys. I can tell you right now that most users are not hot women looking to bang. They’re too busy using dating sites that work to post here.

If you’re worried about getting in trouble using this site, you should be! Why? Well, you have no way of verifying the age or identity of any dirtyr4r users. This means that you might end up chatting with someone under the age of 18 and asking them for pics or to chat is a huge mistake.

I should also mention that in my personal opinion, I believe that lots of cops hang out in these threads. They’re doing the same thing they do on major classified sites like Back Page, The USA Sex Guide, and Craigs List.

Sure, there are ways that you can report shady threads that people have started but you really have no way of knowing if they are legit or not. That’s typically why I like joining premium adult dating sites. When you join those that cost money, you weed out the officials trying to arrest people and you also weed out the people wasting time.

Conclusion: Stay Away From Dirtyr4r Reddit Users

Unless you want to end up chatting with some ugly old man, a young person, or some police authority, then I suggest you avoid using the site. There’s nothing good about this website and it’s bound to cost you lots of time and money. Do yourself a favor and avoid it at all costs. Nothing good comes from Dirtyr4r!


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